Lance Moore’s original Super Bowl ring bound for auction

Memorabilia collectors don’t usually get the opportunity to acquire the championship ring of active NFL players, who earn lucrative salaries and have few reasons to sell one off.

But they’ll soon get that chance thanks to the ring Saints receiver Lance Moore got after Super Bowl XLIV — which, in a strange saga, was stolen, recovered and is now being auctioned off because the New Orleans wideout didn’t want it back.

In 2011, after Moore caught a two-point conversion to help the Saints win Super Bowl XLIV on Feb. 7, 2010, his home in his native Ohio was broken into by people who have never been arrested, and his championship ring was taken, he said.

Moore, who has been with the Saints since 2005 and has caught 30 passes for 337 yards and a touchdown this year, had a replacement ring made. The original was eventually found in an abandoned storage unit in Las Vegas, according to Heritage Auctions, which describes itself as the world’s largest collectibles auctioneer.

Moore said he opted against getting the original ring back. Among numerous other features, it includes the engraving “Finish, Be Special, Smell Greatness.”

“I didn’t really want to keep the one that was stolen and had changed hands,” Moore said.

An insurance company paid out on the loss and acquired the ring. Now it will be up for bidding at Heritage Auctions’ website. Bidding starts Feb. 3 (the day after Super Bowl XLVIII), and the auction dates are Feb. 22 and 23.

Moore said he doesn’t get the appeal of bidding for his ring.

“I could see if I was Drew” Brees, who was MVP of Super Bowl XLIV, Moore said. “But I’m not Drew. If somebody’s going to spend a bunch of thousands of dollars on it, they’re (crazy) — unless they’re just that fanatical about it.”