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Stephanie Grace: Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has developed a ‘sizable, committed and noisy’ niche

Advocate staff photo by A.J. SISCO -- U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders speaks during a rally at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner, Louisiana, Sunday, July 26, 2015.

When some 4,500 people venture out to a conservative New Orleans suburb on a sweltering Sunday night to cheer on a self-described socialist, it’s safe to say that something’s going on here. Bernie Sanders, the New York born, 73-year-old U.S. senator from Vermont, has emerged as a populist sensation on the Democratic… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: On mom’s bureaucratic check, a great career is built

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal hugs his mother Raj Jindal, prior to announcing his candidacy for President in Kenner, La., Wednesday, June 24, 2015. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Not long ago, an interesting chart came across one of my news feeds. The headline asked: “What makes a presidential résumé?” Published by the National Journal, the chart broke down next year’s presidential field by “primary occupation.” There were plenty of lawyers, of course, a handful of business people and doctors, plus a pastor, a documentary filmmaker/carpenter,… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Louisiana lawmakers made the best of a bad situation when it came to Bobby Jindal's last legislative session

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed his last state budget and issued his final vetoes. His stops back home in Baton Rouge have become even rarer and briefer now that his presidential campaign is, at long last, official. He won’t move his family out of the Governor’s Mansion until January, but as far as state government goes,… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Disastrous St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta 'actively undermining both the dignity and integrity of the office'

Advocate staff photo by JOHN McCUSKER -- St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta called a special council meeting for Friday morning to make a request for funds to hire a lawyer and sue the parish council.  The council did not have a quorum so the meeting was adjourned Friday, July 17, 2015 in Chalmette. Peralta walks into a largely empty council chamber before the meeting.

When exactly did St. Bernard Parish government descend into farce? Was it when Parish President David Peralta’s disturbingly messy private life spilled out into public? When his wife accused him of rape and he countered that she’d engaged in bondage voluntarily, that she “enjoyed fantasy rape”? When he insisted that his… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Bobby Jindal talking good game on campaign trail, but his Louisiana record tripping him up

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s editorial board interview at New Hampshire’s Union Leader newspaper last week streamed live on the Internet, but you don’t need to have tuned in to know that it went well. Jindal emerged from the meeting with the influential, conservative paper with not one but two glowing editorials to add… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: In this key northeast state, Bobby Jindal seen as ‘fresh face’ and break from establishment

Republican presidential candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., talks with Daniel Siletti as he signs his high school yearbook after taping Pints and Politcs with WKXL at the Barley House restaurant Tuesday, July 7, 2015, in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

New Hampshire is a lovely place to visit in the summer. The landscape is lush, and even on humid days, cool breezes often break up the misery. For Gov. Bobby Jindal, who this week made his second trip here since he formally entered the… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: When it comes to the Confederate flag issue, I’m with Mitt Romney

Associated Press file photo Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Republican presidental candidate

Here’s something I’m not sure I’ve ever heard myself say, at least until about 10 days ago: I’m with Mitt. That’s former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, of course, who came out of retirement after the racially motivated murders at a historically black Charleston church to basically challenge politicians who either supported flying the… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: The unhappy warrior of a lost cause

Gov. Bobby Jindal, a perpetual cellar-dweller in Republican presidential polls, finally managed to best his rivals at something on Friday. The governor was the first GOP candidate to pounce on the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring same-sex marriage legal across the land. Needless to say, Jindal didn’t take the opportunity to congratulate all… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: How Bobby Jindal's camp hopes to overcome low poll rankings, dismal approval ratings on campaign trail

Republican presidential candidate, Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks to students and area business leaders at Saint Anselm College Thursday, June 25, 2015, in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

For months now, Gov. Bobby Jindal has been going about the business of planning a presidential campaign, even as he insisted he was still praying over whether he’d actually run. And for just as many months, I’ve been hearing the same question: What on Earth is he thinking? Well, now that Jindal has finally announcedContinue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Bobby Jindal (awkwardly) right about corporate welfare

When it comes to decrying the evils of “corporate welfare,” Gov. Bobby Jindal is the wrong messenger — almost comically so. Before Jindal embraced the cause in his opening address of the just-completed legislative session, the governor was an avid proponent of tax giveaways offered in the name of economic development. According to a Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Away from budget drama, some real bright spots, yes bright spots, from the Legislature

The main event during Louisiana’s recently wrapped-up legislative session, of course, was the budget fight, and the results there were mixed. Lawmakers managed to avoid catastrophic cuts to higher ed and health care, even if they put off the heavy lifting of addressing structural problems until the new governor and Legislature take office… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Bobby Jindal’s SAVE plan merely a scheme

As the clocked ticked down toward the Legislature’s mandatory adjournment Thursday afternoon, state Rep. Chris Broadwater took to the mic and confessed that, no matter what happened during the session’s frantic final hours, he was going to go home embarrassed by it. And really, who could blame him? Broadwater was at the podium to Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Lawmakers support Medicaid deal — sort of

Don’t look now, but the Louisiana Legislature has finally come around and voted for Medicaid expansion. Not literally, of course. This year, just as in legislative sessions past, lawmakers rejected proposals to accept federal money to expand insurance coverage for the poor via President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. So as of today, Louisiana taxpayers… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Louisiana gubernatorial candidate David Vitter a juggernaut, hardliner and ... healer?

Advocate staff photo by SCOTT THRELKELD -- Senator David Vitter speaks during ceremonies commemorating the 70th anniversary of D-Day Friday, June 6, 2014, at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. Seventeen veterans were presented with the French Legion of Honor for helping liberate France from Nazi rule.  The daylong event featured special exhibits, films, speakers, music and the chance for WWII veterans, now in their 80s and 90s, a change to get together.

Editor’s note: This is part of an occasional series of columns on the 2015 gubernatorial contenders. Read about John Bel Edwards and Jay Dardenne. Next up: Scott Angelle. You could call David Vitter the juggernaut in this year’s gubernatorial race. Vitter, the second-term U.S.… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Reviews are in on Louisiana budget scheme: 'shell game,' 'phantom fee,' 'nonsense on a stick'

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal attends the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City on Friday, May 22, 2015. (AP Photo/Alonzo Adams)

Will the Louisiana Legislature vote to impose a fee that nobody is expected to pay? If that sounds like a silly question, well, perhaps that’s because it is. Yet the question is also disturbingly serious, because the answer could well determine whether lawmakers can pass a budget for next year that Gov. Bobby Jindal will… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Hastert’s troubles evoke Katrina memories

I’m guessing most of America had forgotten about Dennis Hastert, the U.S. House speaker-turned-lobbyist who was indicted last week in an alleged $3.5 million cover-up, reportedly involving long-ago sexual abuse. Not New Orleans. Hastert’s eight-year speakership might not have been particularly groundbreaking, his low-key public persona hardly memorable. But around here, mention… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Ironic Bobby Jindal uses Louisiana to defend Rand Paul rant; when was last time he worried about us?

Advocate staff photo by HILARY SCHEINUK -- Gov. Bobby Jindal speaks during his prayer rally, "The Response", at LSU's Pete Maravich Assembly Center, Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, in Baton Rouge.

Did Gov. Bobby Jindal cross a line when he issued a gubernatorial news release claiming that Rand Paul — one of many, many politicians standing between him and the Republican Party’s next presidential nomination — is “unsuited to be Commander-In-Chief” because he blamed Republicans for the rise of Islamic State militants?… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Jindal trying to squeeze in the clown car

My first professional brush with presidential politics came in the year of the seven dwarfs. It was 1987. I was a new college grad who’d landed at CBS News’ election unit just as the 1988 primaries were gearing up. And then, as now, the impending end of a two-term presidency had set up a… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: Gov. Bobby Jindal’s 'marriage and conscience' executive order makes him look mean-spirited — and weak

The verdict on Gov. Bobby Jindal’s “marriage and conscience” executive order is in, and it’s a two-parter. Legally speaking, the order — which Jindal issued hours after a state legislative committee had shelved a controversial bill aimed at protecting businesses that refuse to serve same-sex couples — does very little. In terms of… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta indictments now a sad serial affair

Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta speaks with media members as he leaves the 19th Judicial District Courthouse on May 6. For the third time in just over a year, Peralta faces a new set of six criminal charges after a state grand jury in East Baton Rouge Parish on Wednesday handed up an indictment against the beleaguered parish leader. Peralta is charged with three counts of perjury and three counts of filing false public documents.

The headline announcing St. Bernard Parish President David Peralta’s latest legal run-in last week read sort of like a punchline. “Peralta indicted” would have been bad enough. “Peralta indicted again” — the actual headline — borders on the comically absurd. If only the circumstances were amusing rather than downright icky.… Continue reading →