Our Views: For Hartley, fond memory

In pro sports, you’re only as good as the last game, or tournament, or season. That is the unsentimental logic behind the decision of the New Orleans Saints to release Garrett Hartley.

While it could not have been an easy decision, Hartley’s performance was among the lowest in the league. Pro teams need a field goal kicker they can depend upon, and we bow to the decision of coach Sean Payton.

But we know that Hartley’s name is going to be fondly and well-remembered by legions of Saints fans across Louisiana who saw his kicks help win Super Bowl XLIV. He is the first player to ever kick three field goals of 40 yards or more in the championship game.

That comeback win by a comeback team in a comeback city is part of the legend of the new New Orleans. Hartley was a big part of that, and we applaud it.

We wish him the best of luck in the future.