Our Views: Our friends in Philippines

As a storm, it was probably more perfect than hurricanes Katrina, Rita or Sandy. Typhoon Haiyan was a near-perfect circle on the radar as it headed toward the ravaged island of Leyte in the Philippines.

If we are familiar with monster storms on the Gulf Coast, we are also familiar with the aftermath of the strike, and the struggle to recover.

In rural areas of Leyte, as well as the devastated city of Tacloban, it may be days and weeks for the counting of the dead and the succoring of survivors.

The United States and British governments, as well as the United Nations, are committing resources to relief. Ships of the U.S. Navy and Royal Navy are assisting with supplies and medical help, which is at a premium just now.

Still, we know how they feel, and we are sure that the relief agencies such as the Red Cross and Catholic charities will see support from Louisiana for our suffering friends in Asia.