Our Views: A politician in lame show

If we may indulge in a professorial sort of word, and if we spell it correctly, there seems an awful lot of schadenfreude going around now that the forces of the marketplace, to which Gov. Edwin W. Edwards was so hostile as a populist politician, have ended the run of one of the worst of the reality shows.

The “creepy” show, as Variety said of “The Governor’s Wife,” was hurriedly ditched by its cable network.

Even those obsessed by the self-assessed Wizard under the Sheets found his 80-something blended-family tale a bit much. The show had, as conservative blogger Jeff Sadow said, a “drive-by-slowly-to-rubberneck-an-accident quality to it.”

Because of the considerable adulation, for that’s not too strong a word, that Edwards received after leaving the pokey, it’s difficult to remember that he has bombed before, even on the political stage. In 1987, he finished well behind in a re-election race, so much so that he pulled out without contesting the runoff. And in 1991, he would not have been elected to a fourth term had not an actual Imperial Wizard snared a runoff spot with him.

Now, best supporting actor in a cable-TV bomb.

Still, unlike the national viewers, we doubt that Louisiana’s fascination with Edwards is over. He is likely to be around for a considerable while longer, and his talent for injecting himself into controversy is not likely to be extinguished by bad reviews from Tinseltown.