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Our Views: Thursday’s BP settlement brings needed funds to help the Louisiana coast

Advocate Photo by MARK BALLARD -- Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell announced Thursday morning that BP has reached an agreement with U.S. authorities on an $18.7 billion settlement in the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster  in the Gulf of Mexico.

Much more legal work is needed on the details, but that hasn’t stopped the Louisiana Legislature from spending a good bit of the BP settlement ahead of time. Hundreds of millions of dollars due to the state will go to refill a “rainy day” fund and another trust for the elderly. Why? Both have been depleted… Continue reading →

Guest column by only openly gay staffer for Bobby Jindal provides inside look at anti-gay company governor keeps

Taylor Huckaby ORG XMIT: Z-FNtsuSndEJfHHtqtpL

Five years ago, I was squeezing through Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office window on the fourth floor of the Louisiana Capitol building. The Louisiana Senate chamber’s roof provides the closest thing to box seating for downtown Baton Rouge events, and as such, the governor, his family, various staff members and I had taken the opportunity to sneak out… Continue reading →

Letters: Leave New Orleans Confederate monuments alone

Leave it to the director of the Louisiana ACLU, Marjorie Esman, in her recent letter to The Advocate, to demand the removal of Confederate monuments so as to appease one segment of New Orleans’ population at the expense of another because of the act of one lone madman in another state. You expect such an act… Continue reading →

Letters: The U.S. is trending for a disturbing transformation

Anyone who does not believe that this country is on a steady path to communism need only carefully observe the present onslaught relative to the elimination of anything remotely associated with the Confederacy. It is somewhat reminiscent of the destruction of statues and the burning of books that occurs when communist regimes take control of a… Continue reading →

Our Views: The House and Senate come through in key votes on trade that benefit Louisiana and the nation

Senator David Vitter

By two critical votes in the House and Senate, Congress has advanced the cause of more robust trade. That’s good for America and good for Louisiana. The issue was divisive among Democrats in both chambers. President Barack Obama sought what is called trade promotion authority, to negotiate a treaty with Asian and European partners that would… Continue reading →

Letters: Barring employment on an unjust assumption is criminal

Imagine John Doe, who recently applied for a job and was turned down due to a criminal record. The allegation, which occurred years ago, led to an arrest but did not lead to a conviction. Despite this reality, the employer simply assumed that the existence of a criminal record suggests guilt on behalf of the applicant and prosecution… Continue reading →

Guest column: A bad sequel: Return of the Zombie Tax

Thirty years ago, Louisiana was enmeshed in a smothering economic downturn. The collapse of oil and gas prices devoured prosperity in the Bayou State. I worked at the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce when the crash hit. Almost overnight, the energy investments that fueled the boom dried up and precipitated the bust that followed. Lafayette in the boom… Continue reading →

Letters: Louisiana judges are bound to the strictest of ethical standards

In his June 25 commentary “Contributions can cause imbalance,” guest columnist Ben Fuchs suggested that the legal system in Louisiana is inherently corrupt because attorneys are permitted to appear before judges whose campaigns they supported. What Mr. Fuchs unfortunately failed to disclose to your readers is that judges in Louisiana are subject to some of the strictest ethical… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: When it comes to the Confederate flag issue, I’m with Mitt Romney

Associated Press file photo Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, Republican presidental candidate

Here’s something I’m not sure I’ve ever heard myself say, at least until about 10 days ago: I’m with Mitt. That’s former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, of course, who came out of retirement after the racially motivated murders at a historically black Charleston church to basically challenge politicians who either supported flying the… Continue reading →

Letters: The Jefferson Parish Performning Arts Center will be the center of revitalized Jefferson Parish

The long-awaited opening of the Jefferson Parish Performing Arts Center promises to be a catalytic event in the history of our parish. This state-of-the-art facility provides another asset that will enhance the quality of life enjoyed by our residents. In the near future, Jefferson Parish will reap the benefits of the recently announced $250 million expansion of… Continue reading →

Letters: The Public Affairs Research Council is wrong, because Louisiana has a ‘top-notch’ film school at UNO

I would like to respond to a recent article on the film tax credits whereupon the Public Affairs Research Council was quoted on several issues regarding the tax credits as well as other information pertaining to those credits. While the PAR report contained many salient points, my specific issue is with the characterization of film… Continue reading →

Louisiana Spotlight: Bobby Jindal touting his record as governor could get him in trouble on campaign trail

The strategy for Gov. Bobby Jindal’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is partly based on a “tell them what you’ve done” approach. But touting his achievements back home could get him into muddy water quickly if anyone decides to look too deeply at the list. Campaign aides made it clear as Jindal launched his campaign that… Continue reading →

Letter from Louisiana war veteran: ‘Sickens me to read and listen to garbage about ‘help is right around the corner’”

It sickens me to read and listen to garbage about “help is right around the corner” for the veterans of this nation. Let’s realize that nothing will be accomplished until a new administration and more pro-veteran persons are elected to Congress. One month before the U.S. Senate unanimously confirmed Robert McDonald as the new Veterans… Continue reading →

Our Views: Milking the students at state colleges

One of the worst policy decisions of the past few years: the state Board of Regents watering down admissions requirements in state universities. The regents and the governor should reconsider an ill-judged initiative allowing colleges to admit students who require a remedial course. “The goal is to get more graduates,” said Regents Chairman Roy Martin,… Continue reading →

James Gill: Removing flags? Why not focus on the guns?

Advocate staff photo by ELIOT KAMENITZ-- With the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee behind them, Malcolm Suber, left,  and Rev. Raymond Brown along with other protesters burn the Confederate battle flag at Lee Circle during a rally to remove the symbol, along with statues like the one of General Robert E. Lee at Lee circle, from public places in New Orleans, La. Friday, June 26, 2015.

The threat posed by armed lunatics draped in Confederate flags is one that will spur any prudent society to action. Fortunately, this country has risen to the challenge as a consensus builds about what should be done. The answer is obvious. Get rid of the flags that fly over statehouses in several parts of the old South,… Continue reading →

Stephanie Grace: The unhappy warrior of a lost cause

Gov. Bobby Jindal, a perpetual cellar-dweller in Republican presidential polls, finally managed to best his rivals at something on Friday. The governor was the first GOP candidate to pounce on the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring same-sex marriage legal across the land. Needless to say, Jindal didn’t take the opportunity to congratulate all… Continue reading →