In Toon With Walt contest winner for May 11, 2014

This Mother’s Day contest theme was another big hit with our creative readers! We had several entries about drones (clever!), endangered birds (nicely done) – even stinky perfume gifts that smelled like diapers!!!!

It’s was difficult to narrow the field of over 150 funny punchlines to just a few select entries. Great job by everyone who wrote in!

Have a Happy Mother’s Day and keep your punchline pencils handy ... Another contest is coming soon.

Stay ‘tooned ­– Walt


• David Briggs / New Orleans: “I said, You’re a great Mother, not, I want another brother!”


• Marlene Most / Baton Rouge: “I thought babies came from King Cakes!!”

• Michael Hare / Lafayette: “WHAT!?!?!... I knew you and dad weren’t wrestling!!”

• Glenda Natale / Baton Rouge: “We got the last stork-delivered baby before the drones take over!”

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