2014 Orleans property tax bills are in the mail

The city began mailing 2014 property tax bills to all Orleans Parish property owners on Thursday. Images of the bills are also available on the city’s website.

Property tax payments are due on Jan. 31.

Property owners may view and pay their property tax bills online at www.nola.gov/pay-taxes. To view the tax bill online, you must provide the tax bill number, which can be found on the current tax bill or a prior bill for that property.

New property owners can use the assessor’s website, at www.orleansassessor.com, to determine their tax bill number by property address.

Credit or debit card payments are accepted, but a 2.49 percent processing fee is added. There is no fee to pay using a bank checking account.

Property owners also may mail their payments to P.O. Box 60047, New Orleans, LA 70160-0047.

Using the payment stub provided on the bill will help ensure accurate posting. Mailed payments must be postmarked by Jan. 31 to receive timely credit.

The city reminds property owners who intend to pay in person at the Bureau of the Treasury in City Hall, Room 1W40, that coming in early or mid-January avoids the long lines that usually occur at the end of January.

It points out that paying by mail avoids payment lines completely, and that paying online has no handling fee when a bank checking account is used and allows payments to post quickly.

For answers to questions about property tax payments, call the Bureau of the Treasury at (888) 387-8027.