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Nell Nolan: Delta Cotillion, Amistad, Impact 100 in New Orleans

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Delta Sigma Theta Cotillion. Leslie Howard, Jasmyne, Judy and Marion Bracy

The New Orleans Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. held its annual cotillion at the Hyatt Regency and hailed a milestone: a half-century mark with the title “50 Years of Delta Majesty.” Turning the pages of time, sorority history reveals that the honor of… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Society of 1812 Ball, Victory Ball at Cabildo, Louisiana Historical Society

Three recent events hailed the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans and celebrated the peace and friendship that ensued with the United States and Great Britain. Demoiselles curtsied at the Grand Military Ball of the Society of the War of 1812 in the state of Louisiana, the Louisiana Museum Foundation presented a “Battle of… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Arts Council, Rivertown, Bar Association, U.S. Daughters of 1812

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Arts Council Awards. Amanda Winstead, Mark Romig, Meaghan Bonavita

The Arts Council of New Orleans held its Community Arts Awards at Mardi Gras World and titled it “Celebration.” Presented by First NBC and emceed by Mark Romig, the event honored Arthur Roger, gallery owner; A Studio in the Woods, artist residency space; Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane, the conservation of New Orleans’… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Patrick deb party, Opera Ball

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Patrick party -- Mary Hines, son Walker Hines, Elizabeth McNulty

Fox Finesse, Peacock Prettiness Two motifs underscored recent revelry during a posh debutante party given by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Patrick at the Patrick family home, Hurst Haven Plantation, in honor of their daughter Karoline Patrick. Throughout the gallivanting, symbolic images appeared of peacocks and foxes to suggest, in turn, splendiferous beauty and the… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Harlequins and Apollo

Youthful krewes and their sub-deb courts commanded two recent dates with Carnival mirth. Turning pages in history, we see that the first one, The Harlequins, made its initial presence in 1925 at the no-longer Athenaeum with “Robin Hood” as the theme. At the 90th anniversary ball, with “Back to the Future” bannered, her majesty answered to Miss Erin Curry… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Cary, Conwill deb parties

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Clare Conwill Debutante Party. Jill Conwill, Lisa Rosskopf

Shakespeare would have swooned, but the true nod was to a Louis-Lewis brace. Two of the recent debutante-season parties, among a series of joyful events, celebrated a royal and a writer: Louis XIV of France and Lewis Carroll of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Themes drawn from them marqueed the merriment given by families, both with surnames starting with… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Loyola 1912 Society; Patio Planters; St. Pius gala and Shir Chadash patron party

Loyola University New Orleans held its 1912 Society Dinner, a salute to the year the university was founded, and honored alumna Dr. Maria Ribando Burmaster (class of 1988) with the Integritas Vitae Award; Patio Planters made Christmas Brunch the reason to rally and presented The Daisy Todd Award to Albin “Al” and Susan Guillot; “A Heavenly… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Squires ball, Opera Dinner

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Squires Ball. Seated: Charlotte Friend, Charlotte Freeman, Mignon Daly, Lucy Currence, Lindsey Gibert, Mary Mitchell Henry. Standing: Laurel Box, Isabel Balart, Lydia Calhoun, Kelly Batt, Ellen Gambel, Emily Davidson

At the most recent ball of The Squires, which took place in The New Orleans Theatre of the New Orleans Convention Center, Miss Rebecca Emerson French stepped into the role of her majesty and graced the festivity with her youthful poise and presence. The first maid was Miss Miriam de Buys Ellis. Their respective parents are Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Tastet, Hinrichs, Pellerin and Crane deb parties

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Emily Tastet Debutante Party. David, Emily and Abbey Tastet

Four debutantes garnered limelight at their own special levity, which took the form of three parties. The first was for Emily Elizabeth Tastet, who was honored at The Columns Hotel for a soiree that gathered her and her family’s nearest and dearest. Less than a week later, a debutante duo, Avery Hinrichs and Jamie Pellerin, became… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Twelfth Night Revelers ball

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Twelfth Night Revelers Ball. Lise and Courtney Montgomery

The Goddess of Chance was mighty busy on Tuesday evening — the 12th day after Christmas and the official start of the Carnival season — at her annual epiphanous activity at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel. Each year, she has the task of selecting a queen for the Twelfth Night Revelers ball, which she did with grace and ease,… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Latest deb parties set fabulously high bar

Photo by Nell Nolan -- A tent behind the Cary home offered space to view the evening's entertainment.

New Orleans is no stranger to fabulous fetes when it comes to debutantes, but during the past Christmas holidays, there was a plethora of impressive parties, many of them productions. Not only were there nine outstanding ones, but smaller ones rallied the deb set to intriguing venues: family camps, a bowling alley, restaurants and popular hotel lobbies.… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Curry, Lowe, McKendrick, Reed and Tolar deb party; Eight O’Clocks

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Curry, Lowe, McKendrick, Reed and Tolar Debutantes Party. Caroline Reed, Sydney Lowe, Ellen Curry, Danielle Tolar, Greer McKendrick

Today, Jan. 6, the 2015 Crescent City Carnival officially opens and a slew of social events will duly unfold to celebrate the launch of the season. Recent partying has focused on debutante merriment and that of the younger set, eighth-graders, who will, sooner or later, enjoy Carnival honors. Many debs will grace upcoming Carnival and Mardi Gras… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Pickwick Club, Ballo di Natale

When the Jimmy Maxwell Orchestra struck up “Thank Heaven for Little Girls,” a coterie flocked to the dance floor to take a turn with their fathers. Many of the young ladies were holding their bouquets of red flowers. Touches of seasonal red, along with towering, lighted Christmas trees, and poinsettias embellished the host… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Ladies’ Leukemia League, ADL, St. Charles Avenue Association, Metairie Women’s Club

Always numerous in attendees, the annual fete de Noel of Ladies Leukemia League Inc. included its usual legions at the Hilton Riverside. Various tallies were suggested, but the assembly easily passed the 1,000 mark. The top names to know were LLL President Anne Favret for the welcome; event Chairwoman and “co” in Joy Hocke NorthContinue reading →

Nell Nolan: Azucar Ball, Lawn Tennis Club anniversary, Military Order of Foreign Wars and Churchill Society

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Azucar Ball. Cheryl and Mayor Mitch Landrieu, Martine Chaisson Linares

Azucar, which translates into “sugar” in English, titles the annual black-tie ball given by the New Orleans Hispanic Heritage Foundation to benefit the Scholarship Program. The most recent revelry unfolded at the New Orleans Marriott with hundreds of people ready to fraternize and dance. “La Bamba” titled the Mexican-themed fun that started with… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Laussat Society of THNOC, Nola for Nola, Vintage Affair for MS, English-Speaking Union

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Laussat Society. Priscilla and John Lawrence

“Museum. Research Center. Publisher” are all attributed to The Historic New Orleans Collection, but on a recent Tuesday evening, party was the plan. This was the 2014 Laussat Society Gala, a cocktail-buffet, held at the home of Julie (Mrs. Philip II) Breitmeyer to recognize both Laussat Society and Bienville Circle members, THNOC’s highest-level… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Catholic Foundation Dinner, Oaks Ado, Sociedad Espanola, PRC Silver Bell

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Dorian Stone, Yulia Houghtaling, Jessica Kee

Silver Bells Billed as an intimate reception, the “Silver Bell” event of the Preservation Resource Center gathered patrons and distinguished sponsors of the 29th annual Holiday Home Tour. An impressive St. Charles Avenue mansion, the home of John and Yulia Houghtaling, was the site for the socializing that preceded the two-day touring of… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Seasonal Bonhomie with Brother Martin, Beaujolais, Jefferson Aging and Purple Pants

Crest Cohorts Led off by the name of Brother Martin High School President John Devlin, the annual Extravaganza took place in the New Orleans Marriott with a patron party, the gala itself, music by the Brother Martin Jazz band directed by alumnus (as are some of the following) Chris Bailey, gold-and-red themed decorations by Cara Velez… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: SPCA, Christian Brothers and Daughters of the British Empire

Howling Success A paw-rade it was when the Louisiana SPCA held its most recent Howling Success at the Hyatt Regency and, in keeping with the event’s “Masquerade” title, asked guests to don masks. Or costumes. Or both. A purposeful paw-ty, it raised operating funds for the more than 20,000 owned and abandoned animals seen annually… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: March of Dimes, Sipping with Santa, VFW, Geological Auxiliary

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- March of Dimes Gala. Rochelle Peiffer, Stephen Rue, Katherine Olivard

Signature chefs Someone’s in the kitchen with Justin, someone’s in the kitchen with Justin…. And, in addition to chef Justin Kennedy, include Andrea Apuzzo, Rene Bajeux, Mike Brewer, Vincent Catalanotto, Eric Damidot, Rachel DeFelice, Jonathan Ebberman, Austin Faucheaux, Bryan Gilmore, Linda Green, Duke LoCicero, Norman Love, Bradley McGehee, Chris Montero, Matt Murphy, Chad… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Historic Homes, Southern Dominicans and STAIR

On the same evening, three events turned a social spotlight on patrimony, Province, and Pan, as in Peter. The Historic Houses Society Gala unfolded at the Garden District home of Jim Ashbee and Jim Perrier; the Southern Dominican Gala, given by the Southern Dominican Province, U.S.A., held its annual awards dinner at the Hyatt… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Debutante Club, Society of the Founders

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Debutante Club. Seated: Marylynn Smitherman, Karoline Patrick. Standing: Isabel Jackson, Katherine Hodges

A two-tiered black stage with a royal blue backdrop contrasted with the pristine white of the ballgowns of the new members of the Debutante Club of New Orleans when they were presented at the New Orleans Country Club. Each debutante was escorted by her father, as was the Debutante Club President Eleanor Reid… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Bachelors’ Silver Salute; Bienville Club

For the Thanksgiving Eve presentation in the Hilton Riverside, the Bachelors’ Club of New Orleans had another festive fillip: a 75th anniversary celebration. Since the club’s first debutante presentation in 1939 in the Hunt Room of the erstwhile St. Charles Hotel, there has been a presentation every year except during… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Boy Scouts honor Bob Merrick; KID smART celebrates 15 years; Weiss Awards

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Boy Scouts Gala. Charles Rice Jr., Lynne Burkart, Charles Nelson

The 2014 Southeast Louisiana Council Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizen Award dubbed Robert W. “Bob” Merrick as the most recent laureate; Cocktails for KID smART celebrated the organization’s 15th year; and the New Orleans Council for Community and Justice hailed a half dozen Orleanians with the annual Weiss Humanitarian Awards. Huzzahs all! Boy… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Boudin, Bourbon & Beer, Longue Vue style symposium, Salvation Army Souper Bowl

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Emeril's Carnivale du Vin. Jimmy Bannos Jr., Roy Choi, Jimmy Bannos

The Emeril Lagasse Foundation had a triple salute: one weekend, two events, and 10 years. All to benefit the foundation, which “seeks to inspire, mentor and enable” young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances. Emeril Lagasse answers to board chairman and founder, while spouse Alden to co-founder, and Mark SteinContinue reading →

Nell Nolan: Marine Corps birthday, Habitat, NOBA president’s award, new rabbi at Beth Israel

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Marines Ball. Sgt Maj Anthony Spadaro, Sgt Glenzelus Roebuck, Lt Richard Mills

n U.S. Marine Corps Birthday Ball Count them! 239 “candles” to celebrate the birth of the… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Giving Thanks

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Girl Scouts Women of Distinction. Kiki Baker Barnes, Sally-Ann Roberts, Gayle Benson, EM1 (SW) Mionne Gooch.

Distaff deserts
Under the chairing of Stephanie Osborne and Elizabeth “Betsy” Stoner, both Girl Scout Council board members, and with presenting sponsorship by Winn-Dixie, the Girl Scouts Louisiana East held the 2014 Women of Distinction Luncheon in the Audubon Tea Room. Sponsors and honorees enjoyed an al fresco reception and laughed with delight when a strolling stilt walker dressed… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Fall into Party Paces

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Poydras Home Art Preview. Margaret Riley, Kathy Youngberg, Susan Kartzke

Club XLIV at Champions Square, part of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome complex, was the site for Jesuit High School’s recent Celebration, the 2014 Gala & Auction. Inside the invitation, the dominant colors were the familiar black and gold, while the outside cover sported the school’s signature blue and white, depicted as a ribbon, and attached to… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Social Paces, Party Places

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Tulane Emeritus Club Luncheon. Sylvan Steinberg, Andree Moss

Lace the Grand Ballroom was the site for a brunch brigade, when the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Greater New Orleans chapter Inc., hosted its 16th Torchbearer’s Award Program in celebration of African American Legacy Builders. Hundreds gathered. With a nod to the name of… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Aye on the Ball

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Odyssey Ball. Daryl Byrd, Susan Taylor, David Edwards

Odyssey 2014, as presented by IberiaBank, amassed gallivanting generations to the New Orleans Museum of Art for realism revelry, while, earlier on the calendar, the 15th annual Golf Ball Gala held “fore”-th festively in the Empire Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency. Proceeds from the museum’s bash support arts education and those of the “Golf” gathering, local children’s charities. In… Continue reading →