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Nell Nolan: Mad Hatter’s luncheon; SweetArts 2015

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Mad Hatters Opera. Jane Kahn, Faith Peperone

Two recent events stirred up creativity, thanks to the annual Mad Hatter’s luncheon and fashion show presented by the Women’s Guild of the New Orleans Opera Association at the Hilton Riverside, and, the later, SweetArts 2015, a CAC (Contemporary Arts Center) on-site fundraiser, which regaled attendees with the opening preview of “The Grand Parade.” Each was… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Let’s hear it for the kids

Photo by Cheryl Gerber - Stuart Hall. Ashley Nolan Maguire, Cate Cummins Stag, Kristin Shannon, Kevin Avin

Three events made youngsters the festive focus. With Superior Energy Services as the Presenting Sponsor, Stuart Hall School for Boys staged “Speakeasy Knight,” its 31st annual auction, at the Lakefront Airport Terminal, while concurrently, Jewish Children’s Regional Service held its gala, “Jewish Roots of Music,” at the Hyatt Regency. Five days later, KIPP New Orleans Schools… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Soul Revival, Toast for Coast, Cabrini

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Merrit Lane, Ransdell Prieur, Elly Lane, and William Prieur at the Soul Revival Party in New Orleans on Saturday, Mar. 7, 2015.

You can “judge” a bash by its title, and with three recent events, the bannered name promised substantive socializing. “Celebration of Life” was the Legacy Donor Foundation’s reason for purposeful revelry at the annual Soul Revival; “Toast for the Coast” was presented by the New Orleans Pelicans to benefit Coastal Restoration Initiatives; and “Night of… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Sybarites and NOMA Fellows

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Sybarites. Marilyn Aiken, Elizabeth Woolverton, Kay McArdle

Motown Momentum “A Musical Night with the Sybarites” marqueed the merriment purveyed with retro gusto by the women’s organization, the Sybarites. Founded decades ago by five local ladies, the organization made dancing their reason to revel. At the most recent event, that call was heeded with glee. Rosy’s Jazz Hall was the site… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Dinners Donors

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Hermann Grima Wine Auction. Katherine McHugh, Stephanie Carroll, Maria Argote

“You can go home again” underscored the socializing at the recent Amazing Grapes 2015 event, which was chaired by Elise Merlin and Pierce Young, with Tricia King and Stephanie November as the auction chairwomen, and a bunch of banks, Whitney, Fidelity, Iberia, First NBC and Gulf Coast (Bank &… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball, Italian-American Marching Club pre-parade party

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- UNCF Gala. Lynn Whitfield, Hoda Kotb

On Saturday, the UNCF Mayor’s Masked Ball rounded up lively legions for a bash at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans with Entergy as the presenting sponsor, Dr. Norman Francis as the honoree, and “A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” in support of UNCF fundraising and scholarships, as the slogan. Concurrent with the formal-attire gala was… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: New Orleans Ballet Association events; Academy of Ophthalmology

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- BRAVO Ballet Tango event. Carlo Mulvenna, Henri and Terry Hall

The New Orleans Ballet Association and BRAVO (Ballet Resource and Volunteer Organization) amassed its members and Terpsichorean pals for two recent events. The first, a bal masque, held at the Windsor Court Hotel, was titled a “Tribute to Jenny Hamilton and Staff: A Century of Service to NOBA” and made leadership the levity, while the second, weeks-later one… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: French Quarter Business Association, Good Apple gala, Dinner to Benefit Research in Urology

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- French Quarter Business Association. Louis Bartels, Jorge Henriquez, Tim Spratt

The French Quarter Business Association held its installation and awards dinner, tapping those involved with the commerce of the Vieux Carre; Louisiana Appleseed honored “outstanding community members who have shown tremendous generosity and commitment to pro bono excellence”; and the Dinner to Benefit Research in Urology came under the aegis of the Louisiana State Health Sciences Center,… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Degas exhibit, Caledonians, Met auditions

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Degas Exhibit. Jeffrey Landau, Monica Ramirez-Montagut, Robert Johnson, Stewart Denenberg

Four men — two long gone from the world of art and poetry, and another brace for whom opera is the whirl — stirred up recent socializing. In shortened form, they were Edgar, Robbie (for the deceased), Michael and Bryan. With surnames, Messrs. Degas, Burns, Adams and Hymel.Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Zulu Ball, the Townsmen

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Townsmen. Dr. Emmett and Jovita Chapital, Howard and Belinda Rodgers

It’s a wrap! Carnival 2015 came to a chockablock conclusion on Fat Tuesday with the excitement of parades and balls. Leading approximately 50 floats and multiple units, Zulu king Andrew “Pete” Sanchez Jr. and queen Dr. Janice T. Sanchez garnered tributes right and left. So did Zulu’s legendary characters and court maids. History reminds us of the most famous of the organization’s monarchs: Louis Armstrong in 1949. Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Arthurians and Bards of Bilges

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Arthurians Ball. Arthur Landry, Lawrence Kurzius

Two recent Carnival balls had aqueous connections. At the Winter Palace on St. Charles Avenue, The Arthurians celebrated King Arthur, whose legendary sword, Excalibur (or Caliburn), was associated with the Lady of the Lake. For the Bards of the Bilges, festive focus turned to a man, King Neptune LIV, who alighted from the Royal Yacht on Lake Pontchartrain… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Proteus and Mystery

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Proteus Ball. Linda Westfeldt, Catherine Brewster, Mary Hines, Maria Johnson

Beauty and the ‘Beasts’ On Lundi Gras, the parade of the Krewe of Proteus rolled with 20 floats under the title “Nature of the Beasts.” Founded in 1881, Proteus is the second-oldest parading organization (and the oldest nighttime parading krewe), taking its name from the sea deity considered the shepherd of… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Mystic and Alexis at New Orleans’ Hilton Riverside hotel

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Anne Lynne Charbonnet and Kelly Duncan

Within the Carnival framework, two gala events focused on dates and dresses of yore. Both organizations — the Mystic Club (founded in 1923 with Mrs. Frank B. Hayne as the first queen) and Alexis (founded in 1973 with Mrs. Thomas Norton Bernard wearing the crown) — honor married ladies for their monarchy and courts.… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Krewe of Hermes, Knights of Babylon

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Babylon Ball. Front: Ayushi Purohit, Hadley Mary, Kay Frederickson, Sadie Cohen. Back: Lilly Brown, Emily Persich, Abby Brown, Eva Cohen

Concurrent Carnival festivity occurred when the Krewe of Hermes and the Knights of Babylon held their masked balls, respectively at the Hilton Riverside and the Marriott New Orleans hotels. Gracing the courts as their majesties were Miss Anna Elise Reed (Hermes), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Marc Leslie Reed, and Miss Miriam Mae Lobrano, daughter… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Elves of Oberon, Prophets of Persia

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Oberon Ball. Becca Lapeyre

In 1895, principals from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” appeared on the Carnival horizon with the Elves of Oberon, whose namesake was the king of Fairyland. Moving into the 20th century, the Prophets of Persia, in 1927, began a tableau tradition that continues to this day. “The Coronation of Napoleon and Josephine” titled the first… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Original Illinois Club Ball, Harris deb party

Photo provided by Anthony Maheia -- OIC Ball -- Original Illinois Club King John Michael Blanchard and 2015 Queen Taylor Renee' Harris

“Reigning as the 2015 queen of the Original Illinois Ball was one of the most memorable events of my life. I was given the opportunity to develop friendships with other OIC debutantes whom I will always cherish and I feel proud to carry on the family tradition.” So said… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Atlanteans and Momus

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Atlanteans Ball. Ellie George

A brace of radiant debutante queens beamed as the crowned heads of two of Carnival’s oldest and most prestigious organizations. The first ball of the two was that of the Atlanteans, which occurred in 1891, and the second, occurring two days later, was that of the older Knights of Momus (1872). Beautiful weather outside and the… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Mithras and Dorians

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Dorians Ball. Marylynn Smitherman

The themes, “Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Banou” and “Carnival in Venice” played major roles for the High Priests of Mithras and the Krewe of Dorians. They titled, respectively, the first balls of each in 1897 and 1938. For the 2015 gallivanting, both organizations held their masked balls in separate theaters in the Ernest N. Morial Convention… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Young Men Illinois Club ball, Vigee deb party

Seated: Naima Gabriel Bocage, Nala Monet Hamilton, Isabel Anise Davis, Ever Soleil Vigee and Amira Donyell Dawson. Standing: Alena Maria Irvin, Kai Zora Louise Haley, Simone Amy Haley, Sophia Rose Parker and Maci Milan Duplessis.

They are legendary: Clio, Urania, Melpomene, Thalia, Terpsichore, Calliope, Erato, Polyhymnia and Euterpe. Take a bow, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. In Greek mythology, each Muse, as a guiding spirit, presided over a different art or science, ranging from History (Clio) to Lyric Poetry (Euterpre). Since then,… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Achaeans and Athenians

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Achaeans Ball. Lauren Fitzpatrick, Wendy Geary, Aimee Bell

Back-to-back Carnival balls celebrated the joy of masking and seasonal merriment. Both Hellenistic krewe names started with an “A,” Achaeans and Athenians, and both hailed debutante queens. Miss Courtney Cook Geary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Cooke Geary, reigned over the former levity and Miss Ellen Claverie Curry, the latter. Last year, those same… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Nereus and Osiris

In Carnival circles, another entry into centennial status made its mark on a recent Saturday evening in the Royal Tent at the New Orleans Country Club. This was the Grand Ball of Osiris, which was chartered in 1915 and celebrated its 100th Carnival ball under the aegis of the greatest of Egyptian gods. The preceding evening at… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Tributes and Tea

On a recent Sunday, the Children’s Carnival Club of New Orleans held its 90th annual bal masque at the Sheraton Hotel to celebrate “Once upon a time when the world was young.” Reigning were Queen and King Once Upon a Time Cecelia Frances Zimmermann and Garrett Thomas McNamara, whose parents are Mr. and Mrs. Paul… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Brown, Baus and Ewin deb parties

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Glenny Brown Debutante Party. Jeff and Connie Parker, Anne and Glyn Bailey

Three debutante parties provided a social stretch from “Cajun lunch down by the riverside” at a Cajun cottage on the Mississippi River batture to the Vieux Carre and Galatoire’s, where one set sat for lunch and another for dinner. “Let the good times roll down by the riverside” was the invitation’s beckoning for a… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Olympians and Caliphs of Cairo

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Olympians Ball. Claire Zeringue

In back-to-back Carnival balls held in the Royal Tent at the New Orleans Country Club, a brace of radiant queens, debutantes of the season, reigned. Hailed as her majesty on a Friday at Olympians 2015 masked ball was Miss Claire Michelle Zeringue, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne George Zeringue Jr. The following evening,… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Society of 1812 Ball, Victory Ball at Cabildo, Louisiana Historical Society

Three recent events hailed the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans and celebrated the peace and friendship that ensued with the United States and Great Britain. Demoiselles curtsied at the Grand Military Ball of the Society of the War of 1812 in the state of Louisiana, the Louisiana Museum Foundation presented a “Battle of… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Arts Council, Rivertown, Bar Association, U.S. Daughters of 1812

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Arts Council Awards. Amanda Winstead, Mark Romig, Meaghan Bonavita

The Arts Council of New Orleans held its Community Arts Awards at Mardi Gras World and titled it “Celebration.” Presented by First NBC and emceed by Mark Romig, the event honored Arthur Roger, gallery owner; A Studio in the Woods, artist residency space; Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane, the conservation of New Orleans’… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Patrick deb party, Opera Ball

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Patrick party -- Mary Hines, son Walker Hines, Elizabeth McNulty

Fox Finesse, Peacock Prettiness Two motifs underscored recent revelry during a posh debutante party given by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Patrick at the Patrick family home, Hurst Haven Plantation, in honor of their daughter Karoline Patrick. Throughout the gallivanting, symbolic images appeared of peacocks and foxes to suggest, in turn, splendiferous beauty and the… Continue reading →