East Jefferson transfers for Dec. 26, 2013, to Jan. 2, 2014


Transfers for Dec. 26 to Jan. 2


ELMWOOD INDUSTRIAL PARK SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $295,947, Illinois Central Railroad Co. to Rudy & Anthony LLC.

ELMWOOD OAKS CONDOMINIUM, UNIT 618: $126,350, Glenn M. McDougald, Mary G. Smith and Mary S. Schmitt to Brian S. Smith and Lisa M. Smith.

ELMWOOD SUBDIVISION, LOT 4-A-12: $500,000, Henry Fox and Mini Fox Survivors Trust and Marvin P. Wickens revocable trust to 2785 Belle Chasse Highway LLC.

GENERES DRIVE 1209: $35,000, donation, Cecilia V. Rodriguez to Alba L. Rodriguez.

GORDON AVE. 704: $175,000, Toni Z. Wahl to Jeffrey M. Whittaker and Alexandra E. Sunseri.

GROVER AVE. 7918: donation, no value stated, Denelle Rabalis to Kenneth P. Terrio and Lauren M. Terrio.

OAK AVE. 929: $137,301, J. P. Morgan Chase Bank NA to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp.

W. SHANNON LANE 224: $125,000, Fannie Mae to Christina P. Heath.


JEFFERSON HIGHWAY 4429: $220,000, Thaller Advance LLC to Pauline B. Exsterstein.

PARKWAY AVE. 747: $178,500, Succession of Geraldine Rita Scanlan and succession of Cyrill A. Arnold to Aubrey O. Brown Jr. and Donna C. Brown.

TERRACE ST. 566-68: $130,000, Eva G. Guillory, Evana G. Morales, Peggy G. Morales, Wanda G. Lee and Myra G. Lacoste to Gregory P. Muro and Kathy B. Muro.


27TH ST. 1113-15: $105,000, Omini Homes Contractors & Repairs LLC to Fernando D. Rocha.

AVANT GARDE CIRCLE 180: $91,000, Allen P. Leblanc III to Jori P. Hawkins.

BEAUNE DRIVE 4141: $240,000, Frederick M. Hurst to Rutul M. Patel and Naimisha R. Patel.

CAMERON COURT 805: $140,000, Brandon D. Sita to Mariama Abdouramane and Ibrahim Salifou.

CHATEAU BLVD. 3291: donation, no value stated, Joyce M. Labbie to Kevin J. Martino and Mathilda L. Martino.

DELAWARE ST. 2631: $342,500, Robert Condon, Alison O. Condon and Frey Properties LLC to Slazz LLC.

DRIFTWOOD BLVD. 15: $207,500, Darleen L. Danenhower to Norman Q. Blakely III and An K. Pham.

GABRIEL SUBDIVISION, LOT 81-A: $200,000, Gabriel Properties LLC to Quynh Mai and Loan Tran.

HIGHWAY PARK SUBDIVISION, LOT 35-A5-A, SQUARE 368: $90,000, Cardinal Expo Inc. to Consolidated Investment Properties LLC.

HOLY CROSS PLACE 409: $135,000, Janell M. Hoffman Billiot to Matthew D. Hammons and Ansley G. Hammons.

HUNTSVILLE AVE. 2601: $74,000, donation, Charles D. Moore Jr. and Beverly W. Moore to Jeffrey D. Moore.

KENNER PROJECT SUBDIVISION, LOTS 7, 8, SQUARE 153: $15,500, Joseph E. Henry Jr. to Delsean J. Barrow.

MARIETTA AVE. 3131: $35,000, Home Equity Mortgage Loan Asset-Backed Certificates Series SPMD 2004-C to Wells One Investments LLC.

MARYLAND AVE. 3405: $205,000, David J. Bozant and Bonnie Lynn K. Bozant to Harold J. Stutson and Myrl S. Stutson.

PIEDMONT ST. 2839: $340,000, Verdin Group LLC to 2839 Piedmont LLC.

SESSIONS LANE 840: $162,000, Frederick M. Gernon and Gwen F. Gernon to Nicholas Shultz and Jaime M. Pietrangelo.

SOUTHLAKE VILLAGES SUBDIVISION, LOT 38-A-2, SQUARE A: donation, no value stated, Dora S. Delgado to Raul P. Delgado and Emilia M. Delgado.

SUNSET BLVD. 1101: $26,848,430, Kenner Investors II LLC to NHI-Reit of New House LLC.

TIFTON AVE. 3136: $39,000, Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Virginia Merry LLC.

W. LOUISIANA STATE DRIVE 273: donation, no value stated, Diana Gail Smith-Swanner to John Wagner III.


19TH ST. 3015-17: $300,000, Doris W. Rosen and Howard Rosen testamentary trust to Boston Enterprises Inc.

ASHER ST. 6508: $187,000, Garrett L. Pizzaloto to Peter G. Perino.

AURORA AVE. 413-15: $325,000, Robert R. Richmond III to Drew H. Dotson.

BALTER ST. 8701: $108,229, NovaStar Mortgage Funding Trust Series 2004-4 Home Equity Loan Asset-Backed Certificates to Ri Lin.

BETZ AVE. 600: $135,900, Thomas E. Lambert and Janis A. Carson Lambert to Robert W. Self.

CARMEN ST. 6401: $235,000, Jimmy E. Hutchinson and Laurie B. Hutchinson to Jaime A. San Andres and Julie St. Armant San Andres.

CARNATION AVE. 1101: $224,000, Donald J. Case and Susan K. Case to Jonathan R. Buel and Melody C. Buel.

CLEARVIEW PARKWAY 413: $80,000, Charles J. Leggio and Deborah V. Leggio to Gary J. Traina.

CLEARY AVE. 2305, UNIT 102: $65,000, Melissa Eileen O. McIntyre to Leyton H. Orillion.

DAVID DRIVE 2109: $504,000, New Beginning Ministries Solutions Inc. to 2105 David Drive LLC.

E. WILLIAM DAVID PARKWAY 549-51: $350,000, Gray Goose Bacchanal LLC to Randy Guliuzo.

FAIRFIELD AVE. 4915: $215,000, Joseph S. Bivona to Khuong D. Nguyen.

FAYE AVE. 413: $103,000, Denis E. Vega to Jose A. Alvarado and Priscila J. Alvarado.

FERONIA ST. 1513: $158,000, Rita Carol L. Schexnaildre to Bradley S. Bordelon and Dawn B. Bordelon.

FOLSE DRIVE 4528: $270,000, 4528 Folse Drive LLC to Donald C. Makofsky Jr. and Paula C. Makofsky.

HARING COURT 5017: donation, no value stated, Horace B. Reynolds Jr. and Vernita Mohr to John C. Reynolds Sr.

HARING ROAD 2400: donation, no value stated, Credo LLC to Rickey D. Parr.

HARLEM SUBDIVISION, LOT K, SQUARE 150: $26,500, Succession of Gesina L. Bordelon to Mario R. Perez.

HELIOS AVE. 356: $475,000, Robert C. Sanders to Kelly S. Davis.

HOLLYWOOD DRIVE 219: $680,000, Community Bank to Thomas P. Henican and Tracey B. Henican.

HOMESTEAD AVE. 1147: $215,000, Succession of S. Joseph Salvaggio to Laura K. Kapp.

HOUMA BLVD. 3805, UNIT C-104: $88,500, Fannie Mae to DSR Investments Unlimited LLC.

HOUMA BLVD. 3805, UNIT C-104: $124,650, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association.

INDEPENDENCE ST. 2909, UNIT 7: $38,000, John P. Schneider, Richard D. Schnedier, Katherine S. Luna and Theresa S. Reed to Jose A. Marin Sr. and Merlyn A. Marin.

JASPER ST. 4613: donation, no value stated, Barbara E. Wellman and Joyce Engelhardt Ponti to Linda K. Engelhardt.

LAKESHORE SUBDIVISION, LOT 9-B, SQUARE 4: $345,000, Frederick R. Campbell to Keith A. Jarrett Jr. and Terry B. Jarrett.

LEONARD AVE. 7912: $125,000, Christopher R. Linfield to Katherine M. Gaumond.

LIVINGSTON PLACE EAST 228: $375,000, Succession of Shirley S. McWhorter to Thomas J. Faucheaux III and Charlene W. Faucheaux.

MAPLE RIDGE DRIVE 310: $362,668, One Construction LLC to Inland Water Marine LLC.

MASON SMITH AVE. 1500: $150,000, General Maintenance Corp. to Jose D. Reyes and Julieta A. Reyes.

MASSACHUSETTS ST. 2629: $78,000, Brian D. Hof and Bup Thi Nguyen to Maria N. Perez Villegas.

METAIRIE ESTATES SUBDIVISION, LOT S9, SQUARE 34: $182,000, Joseph E. Robichaux Jr. and Dorothy S. Robichaux to Peter J. Perez and Melanie M. Perez.

METAIRIEVILLE SUBDIVISION, LOT A, SQUARE 121: $925,000, RPM Pizza LLC to Small Properties LLC.

MORTON ST. 5909: $165,000, Monica S. Brown to Alain J. Rodriguez and Milagros C. Rodriguez.

N. LABARRE ROAD 3104: $230,000, Gregory R. Dombourian, Sona J. Dombourian and Donna L. Dombourian to Bonnie H. Johnston.

N. LABARRE ROAD 3544: $320,000, John A. Gianoli Jr. and Jo Ann S. Gianoli to Pammela A. Perret and Tacy E. Higbee.

N. PIERCE ST. 308: donation, no value stated, Kevin J. Pinel and Karen A. Pinel to Keith M. Pinel.

N. SIBLEY ST. 2608: $150,000, Scott P. Verdin to Justin D. Helm.

N. UPLAND AVE. 1008: $115,000, Marjorie Love Smith Kady-Butler to Johnny L. Migliore.

NEWLANDS ST. 4700: $106,786, Bank of America NA to Kristofor G. Weber and Subia E. Weber.

NURSERY AVE. 712: $250,000, Succession of Etienne J. Desroche and succession of Gloria M. Desroche to Bryant C. Magee and Teresa R. LaRocoa.

ORPHEUM AVE. 1728: $300,000, Orpheum Investments LLC to William Gunzburg and Melisa W. Gunzburg.

PERRY DRIVE 4801: $340,000, Emile H. Tujague and Jo-Ann Ovino Tujague to Garrett L. Pizzaloto and Rochelle B. Pizzaloto.

PONTCHARTRAIN SHORES SUBDIVISION, LOT 17, SQUARE 66: $90,000, donation, Hebert J. Lingoni Jr. to David H. Lingoni.

PURDUE DRIVE 4617: $124,800, NovaStar Mortgage Funding Trust Series 2005-4 Home Equity Loan Asset-Backed Certificates to Trifecta Investments LLC.

RIVIERE AVE. 1821: $175,000, Ryan M. Quick and Kristy Lee S. Quick to Yusuke Higashi and Masami T. Higashi.

ROSE ST. 204-06: $157,792, Mabel C. Brown, Lois C. Untereiner and Marlene C. Morel to David A. Bonomolo and Nancy R. Bonomolo.

ROSEDALE DRIVE 4634: donation, no value stated, Kathryn Louise H. Hargesheimer to Jonathan Guidry.

SANDRA AVE. 2000: $130,000, Cynthia Besselman to Dolores H. Kepner.

SELLS ST. 2716: $214,000, Jack C. Lambert and Karen D. Trebes to Shelly K. Pennington.

SENA DRIVE 505: $200,000, Unia H. Juen to Albert E. Richard III and Jacqueline R. Richard.

SHIRLEY ST. 8130: $110,000, Yvonne Trinite Tapp Family Trust to Rafael A. Canessa and Amalia M. Canessa.

TOWN OF HARLEM SUBDIVISION, LOT 10, SQUARE 134: donation, no value stated, Jerome A. Hobson to Perry B. Hobson Sr.

TRANSCONTINENTAL DRIVE 3809: $225,000, Betty Jo M. Castellano to Abraham N. Elhiany.

TRUDEAU SUBDIVISION, LOT N, SQUARE 6: $11,000, Succession of Richard M. Michalczyk to Vernon Pettigrew Jr.

VERSAILLES ST. 8114: $76,000, Alina C. Orozco and Lillian M. Orozco to Michael A. Moffitt and Michelle E. Sheeren.

VETERANS MEMORIAL BLVD. 2005: $11,707,000, Ochsner Clinic Foundation to OCF Medical Facilities Inc.

W. ESPLANADE AVE. 4428: $157,500, Fannie Mae to Avron Property LLC.

W. MAPLE RIDGE DRIVE 306: $173,000, Succession of Clare O’Dowd to Michael S. Bishop and Rachel A. Bishop.

WINIFRED ST. 2713: $216,000, Paul E. Riviere III and Laura V. Garvey to Ryan M. Quick and Kristy S. Quick.

YALE ST. 4425, UNIT A: $87,000, Ryan Russo and Adam Russo to James N. Philipp.


BELLEGROVE PLACE 9210: $255,000, Bonnie H. Johnston to Matthew D. Brown and Ashley Michelle Frederickson.

CARTHAGE ST. 10620: $172,500, Donna T. Lanier, Richard E. Tschirn Jr., Mary T. Newchurch, Ella T. Campo, David M. Tschirn, Duke A. Tschirn and succession of Ina C. Tschirn to Michael G. Werling Jr.

CHALSTROM DRIVE 34: $392,500, Eric M. Williams to Robert J. Becwar and Laurie D. Becwar.

ELSIE LANE 524: $96,613, Succession of Forest L. Egan to Villagama LLC.

HENNESSEY COURT 6: $198,585, William P. Schell and Marlena B. Schell to Iva Lou P. Worthington.

JEFFERSON HIGHWAY 9209: $700,000, Robert E. Kelley to MCVG Inc.

NOTTAWAY PLACE 9408: $32,000, Elizabeth A. Sacco to Theodore V. Graziano.