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Prebiotic created by LSU researchers helps feed good bacteria

Photo provided by ISOThriveISOThrive is a prebiotic nectar based on technology created by LSU AgCenter scientists.

Good bacteria in your gut are the talk of the medical world. Doctors have found that these helpful microorganisms — called probiotics — create a barrier against harmful substances and can help prevent some diseases. But to stay healthy, probiotics need a food source — certain carbohydrates that researchers have named prebiotics. “The probiotics… Continue reading →

Baton Rouge man says he's better equipped at 68 to tackle challenging Great Divide Mountain Bike Route

Photo provided by DAVE TULLIER -- Dave Tullier, a 68-year-old Baton Rouge bike mechanic, will be riding the lower half of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route this summer. Last summer, he started from Helena, Montana, and rode 988 miles of the trail's nothern route.

The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route is one of America’s best big adventures, traversing thousands of miles of remote dirt roads and high-altitude trails through the Rocky Mountains. And 68-year-old Dave Tullier is tackling it alone. A Baton Rouge bicycle mechanic, Tullier rode 988 miles of the route’s northern half last summer and is training… Continue reading →

Monkey see, monkey do? Pennington research suggests children eat better if they watch children eat better

What if watching a video could lead to better nutrition for kids? It just might if the video shows youngsters eating vegetables. That’s right: watching kids snacking on bell peppers had more preschoolers trying it themselves, according to a study from researchers at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center. The finding… Continue reading →

Birth documentary series to focus on Louisiana next

Advocate staff photo by BRIANNA PACIORKA -- Maternal health advocate Christy Turlington Burns' film, 'Giving Birth in America,' shown at the  Louisiana International Film Festival here, explores maternal health. Her nonprofit Every Mother Counts is creating a short documentary about pregnancy-related health in Louisiana with a grant from the Irene and C.W. Pennington Family Foundation. It will be the next installment in the 'Giving Birth in America' series.

In her world travels as an advocate for mothers, Christy Turlington Burns has seen a wide expanse of birth experiences, from home births in undeveloped countries to deliveries in urban New York hospitals. Through her nonprofit organization Every Mother Counts, the former supermodel has spoken up for the health of mothers and their babies in a series… Continue reading →

Cancer researchers set to give talk on Saturday in New Orleans

Associated Press file photoModel Christy Turlington Burns will appear at the Louisiana International Film Festival on Wednesday.

Cancer researchers set to give talk on Saturday America’s top cancer researchers will let the public know about their latest treatments and prevention options this weekend at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in New Orleans. During a public discussion from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Louisiana Cancer… Continue reading →

Is your colon healthy? With serious health issues at stake, ask a doctor, not Google

Photo provided by Fotolia -- One of the top questions gastroenterologist Neelima Reddy gets from patients is about color cancer, a malignancy that occurs in the colon or rectum and is a leading cause of cancer deaths

Nobody really wants to see a gastroenterologist. Colon cancer, constipation and irritable bowels are all potential medical problems most people would like to ignore. The answers aren’t on the Internet, says Dr. Neelima Reddy, a gastroenterologist at the Digestive Health Center of Louisiana. “If you just Google abdominal pain and it gives you… Continue reading →

Walk with a Doc program lets walkers chat with doctors without an appointment

Advocate staff photo by TRAVIS SPRADLING -- Family medicine Dr. Akayla Robinson, left, talks to Jane Matt as they are trailed by Gwen Wilcox, Mollie Anderson and BREC Superintendent. Carolyn McKnight Saturday in BREC's Perkins Road Community Park during the Walk with a Doc event.

Walking regularly helps keep Linda Fredericks active and healthy. But this morning, the 68-year-old is gaining peace of mind, too, while she strolls the paved paths at BREC’s Perkins Road Community Park. Fredericks’ walking partner is Dr. Rebecca Treuil, a local internist who can discuss all the health-related questions that have popped up since… Continue reading →

E-Doc takes house calls: Visit a physician with new smartphone app

Photo provided by East Jefferson General Hospital -- The E-Doc service from East Jefferson General Hospital in Metairie allows anyone in Louisiana to virtually visit a doctor over a smartphone or computer.

With the help of your smartphone, the nearest doctor’s office can be as close as your couch. The E-Doc service from East Jefferson General Hospital in Metairie, launched earlier this month, allows any Louisiana resident to visit a physician over a smartphone or computer’s video stream. “The convenience is you don’t have to go… Continue reading →

'We can still be grounded': Standup paddleboard yoga deepens practitioner focus, intensifies workout

Advocate staff photo by HILARY SCHEINUK -- Practicing yoga on a paddleboard, as Erin Zeringue does in this SUPyoga class, deepens a practioner's focus and intensifies a workout.

To build flexibility and strength, Erin Zeringue regularly practices yoga. The 39-year-old also loves cruising lakes and rivers on her standup paddleboard, a good workout on its own. Combining the two seemed like a match made in exercise heaven. “Both of these are great workouts for stability, so the two together would be great,”… Continue reading →

It's not 'a man thing': Heart disease a top killer of women; campaign uses Louisiana stories to raise awareness

Advocate staff photo by JOHN McCUSKER -- Estelle Martin, 74, had a family history of heart disease, and she always took care of herself and ate well. But at Christmas in 2004, she felt unusually tired and had pain in the center or right side of her chest. She went to the doctor and found that she had major blockages.

Heart disease is the top killer of American women, accounting for 1 in 4 deaths. But many women still think of cardiovascular disease — heart attacks, strokes and arrhythmia — as “a man’s disease,” according to the American Heart Association. The Go Red for Women campaign, devised by the Heart Association in 2004,… Continue reading →

Alzheimer's Q&A: What is Binswanger disease?

What is Binswanger disease? Binswanger disease is a type of dementia caused by extensive, microscopic areas of damage to the deep layers of white matter in the brain. White matter atrophy also can be caused by many circumstances, including chronic hypertension, as well as age. This damage results in the thickening and narrowing of arteries… Continue reading →

Couple turns to crowdsourcing to pay for fertility treatments

Advocate staff by CHARLES CHAMPAGNE    When Mary Claire and Will Stickle were struggling with infertility, Margo Matthews, center, took to crowdsourcing to raise the money for in-vitro fertilization. The Stickles are now pregnant with twins.

In November 2014, Mary Claire and Will Stickle’s struggle with infertility had hit another roadblock. Having tried for a year on their own, the Stickles had sought medical treatments for another year, also without success. So, they participated in the Baby Steps 5K, a fundraiser that brings public attention to infertility and offers a round of… Continue reading →

Alzheimer's Q&A: What is meant by AIDS dementia complex?

What is meant by AIDS dementia complex? Sometimes called ADC, HIV-associated dementia or HIV/AIDS encephalopathy, AIDS dementia complex is caused by the HIV virus itself, yet it is not clearly known how the virus damages brain cells. It is thought that the damage to the brain is a result of a weakened immune system enabling infections… Continue reading →

Cancer Q&A: Should you change what you eat during holiday season?

I will be in cancer treatment this holiday season. Should I change anything about what I eat? Consider the side effects you’re experiencing and what foods can help alleviate them or what foods you should avoid. If you are hosting the dinner, you will be able to control what you cook. If other people are creating… Continue reading →

With holiday parties here, social anxiety can be debilitating for many

For Kirstin Willis, the holidays used to be a tough time. The senior at Tulane University suffered from debilitating shyness. The social whirl typical of Christmas and the New Year filled her not with cheer, but with dread. With a party ahead, Willis would suffer symptoms of social anxiety. “My voice gets shaky sometimes, and… Continue reading →

Alheimer's Q&A: Does Parkinson’s disease progress to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?

Does Parkinson’s disease progress to Alzheimer’s disease or dementia? Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease are both common in the elderly, especially in those over 85. Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative neurological disorder which results from nerve cells in the brain not producing enough of the chemical dopamine that regulates movement… Continue reading →

Marking 50 years for ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

Photo provided -- Charlie Brown and Linus ponder the meaning of the holiday in 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.'

In a 1995 interview, Charles M. Schulz, father of the Peanuts comic strip, recalled his reaction to the first production screening of “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” “I thought it was a disaster,” Schulz said. TV viewers thought otherwise. The little animated special, built around an anti-commercialization message and starring the saddest Christmas tree… Continue reading →

Alzheimer's Q&A: What is meant by reversible dementia?

What is meant by reversible dementia? More than 50 conditions can cause or imitate the symptoms of dementia. A small percentage of dementias are reversible, meaning the symptoms subside and the underlying problem is treated. Traumatic head injuries, occurring from accidents, such as car wrecks or falls, assaults or from sports, such as boxing or… Continue reading →

Cancer Q&A: Is there screening for lung cancer?

Is there screening for lung cancer like there is for other cancers? There are screening guidelines for lung cancer, but they are for those considered high risk. The current guidelines recommend screening, via a spiral CT scan, for those at a high risk based on age and smoking history. Those individuals who should get screened… Continue reading →