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Special sandwiches, sauces can dress up turkey leftovers

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Make Your Own Turkey Sandwich

Thanksgiving dinner brings back memories of my big family getting together at our house or my Aunt Irene’s. We had the typical south Louisiana Thanksgiving fare, complete with a tableful of homemade desserts. I can remember tables, or seating of some kind, all over the house. Mama would get up before daylight “to get the turkey… Continue reading →

Thanksgiving meal hotlines field questions

Associated Press photo by Matthew Mead -- Regardless of how you cook the turkey, experts say to make sure to let it sit, undisturbed, on a cutting board or platter for at least 30 minutes before carving. This allows the bird to finish cooking more gently and reabsorb all of its juices, producing moist meat.

There’s a scene in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” where Clark (Chevy Chase) carves into the holiday turkey and, with a great whooshing sound, the bird deflates into itself, leaving remnants of something chewier than turkey jerky. “I’ve ruined it!” Cathrine (Miriam Flynn) cries in horror. Don’t be a “Cathrine” today. There’s last-minute help as close as… Continue reading →

What a Crock!: Let us eat cake, pumpkin cake

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Pumpkin Cake

It’s Thanksgiving. Eat cake. Better yet, eat it for several days. Holidays are full of cakes, cookies, pies and all means of delectable treats. While that may not be the best choice of foods for a steady diet, it is part of the holiday menu at most events we go to in November and December. So,… Continue reading →

Whole Foods, companies recycling cooking oil

You’ve fried the turkey, now what do you do with all that used cooking oil? Area Whole Foods Markets have partnered with local companies to recycle that cooking oil. The drive, running Friday through Dec. 4, will produce eco-friendly biodiesel fuel, help reduce emissions, and keep oil and grease out of the drains. Frying… Continue reading →

Louisiana Culinary Institute plans open house Dec. 3

Louisiana Culinary Institute will host an open house from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 3. Visitors can meet the chefs, students and staff to learn more about an education in culinary arts. A financial aid officer also will be available. LCI is at 10550 Airline Highway, Baton Rouge.… Continue reading →

New Orleans' Creole Smoked Turkey tops Thanksgiving list

The Creole Smoked Turkey at Broussard’s in New Orleans leads Food Network’s list of the top five Thanksgiving dishes in the nation. “Chef Neal Swidler brines his turkey for eight hours, then rubs it with a secret Creole seasoning blend before he roasts it for four hours over pecan and oak woods.… Continue reading →

Chef John Folse, co-author planning launch party for latest book

Chef John Folse, along with co-author Micheala York, will launch their latest cookbook at a party Wednesday. The event celebrating “Can You Dig It: Louisiana’s Authoritative Collection of Vegetable Cookery, an Ode to Vegetables and Louisiana’s Love Affair With Gardening” is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Barnes & Noble-Citiplace, 2590 Citiplace Court, Baton… Continue reading →

Found in a pile of notes, this late chef’s Reveillon menu leads to a special tribute dinner from his proteges

Image provided -- A handwritten Reveillon menu from the late chef Josh Laskay inspired a tribute dinner from his peers.

She couldn’t make out every word right away, but Tina Terranova recognized the handwriting immediately. It was a Réveillon menu, inked on a single sheet of paper found amid a pile of notebooks in the office at NOLA, the Emeril Lagasse restaurant where she is sous chef. It was written by her old boss, chef Josh Laskay, and as… Continue reading →

Orleans Parish property transfers, Oct. 27 - Nov. 2

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Julie K. McGehee sold this home at 1725 General Pershing St. in New Orleans' 6th district to Jacob B. Daigle and Elizabeth M. Daigle for $590,000.

ORLEANS Transfers for Oct. 27 to NOv. 02 BANKS ST. 3210: $185,000, Sesame LLC and 7200 Downman Road LLC to Jonathan P. Hobbs. BROAD STREET, SQUARE 605, LOTS 5, 6, 9-B, 22-B, 54, PORTION OF LOTS 22, 23: $1,350,000, Northernstar LLC to RSC Mid City LLC. Gravier St.… Continue reading →

Rusty Nail owners buy Cooter Brown’s

Advocate staff photo by Ian McNulty - Caricature statues of celebrities, including Salvador Dali and Louis Armstrong, decorate the walls at Cooter Brown's Tavern & Oyster Bar in the Riverbend.

Picking a beer at Cooter Brown’s Tavern and Oyster Bar has always required careful consideration, with dozens of local and imported drafts and many more choices in bottles. These days, the new owners of the venerable watering hole are considering that selection especially closely themselves. Cooter Brown’s, the bar at the elbow of… Continue reading →

Setting the Stage: Special menus and dining strategy take the stress out of making the reservation and the curtain’s rise

Photo by Ron Manville -- Restaurant R'evolution offers a pre-theater menu that includes braised boneless short ribs.

. New Orleanians are many things, but punctual isn’t necessarily one of them. Which is fine when it comes to dining in this sometimes European-feeling city, as customers while away hours over an appetizer here, an entrée there, a dessert and several glasses of wine (and rounds of stories). But if the play’s the thing, or if… Continue reading →

Add nutrients, cut fat and keep the taste with healthy holiday treats

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS -- Mini Pumpkin Pie

Preparing a healthier Thanksgiving feast doesn’t mean dropping the sides and desserts your family loves. Instead of creating a few extremely health-conscious dishes that nobody will touch, Brooke Schoonenberg, a dietitian with Woman’s Center for Wellness, says it’s easy to update a few favorite recipes to add some nutrients, cut some fat and keep the… Continue reading →

Curtis Stone inspired by Cajun, Creole flavors

Advocate file photo -- Celebrity chef Curtis Stone is cooking up a Cajun turkey for Thanksgiving.

Growing up in Australia, chef Curtis Stone was obsessed with French cuisine. But after shooting a few television shows in New Orleans, the celebrity cook started to love experimenting with Cajun and Creole foods. “The food and the style are so unique and delicious,” Stone said. “I love tinkering around with those flavors for… Continue reading →

Louisiana Sweet Potato group awards $3,500 to contest winners

Photo provided by Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission -- Grand prize  Katie Leithead's Sweet Potato Butterscotch Pies won the grand prize in the annual Sweet Rewards Contest sponsored by the Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission and Louisiana Cookin magazine.

Katie Leithead’s “Sweet Potato Butterscotch Pies” earned the grand prize in the Sweet Rewards Recipe Contest sponsored by the Louisiana Sweet Potato Commission, in partnership with Louisiana Cookin’ magazine. This year’s contest consisted of five categories — fresh, canned, frozen, student and professional. Five first-place winners, each of whom won $500, were selected as well as a… Continue reading →

In New Orleans suburbs, exploring unsung, old-school po-boy shops that are time capsules with flavors all their own

Advocate staff photo by ELIOT KAMENITZ-- The chicken parmesan po-boy is coated with meat sauce as a Wednesday special at at Sam's Po-Boys.

If Sam’s Po-Boys in Old Jefferson was a sitcom, the stars of the show would be Jackie Dupeire, her sister Jo Levatino Lund and their sister-in-law Jeannie Dupeire. They keep the dialogue going between the cash register and the sandwich counter, their heads bobbing just above the deli case as they work, surrounded by a collage of Saints logos,… Continue reading →

The Unsung Po-boy Shop, Part 2: Chicken fried steak and storytelling walls at Parenton’s

Advocate staff photo by Ian McNulty - Chicken fried steak is the Thursday special at Parenton's po-boy shop in Jefferson.

The po-boy culture of New Orleans is deep and wide, extending from acclaimed eateries on every visitor’s bucket list to convenience store delis for a simple, no fuss lunch. This weekend’s Oak Street Po-Boy Festival even functions as a high-profile showcase for where po-boys can go, with a wild range of one-day wonders on French bread.… Continue reading →

The Unsung Po-boy Shop, Part 4: Gumbo hog headcheese po-boy, dressed, at Tag’s

Advocate staff photo by Ian McNulty - Tag's Meat Market & Deli in Chalmette prepares hog headcheese po-boys, including one with a gumbo-style headcheese.

The po-boy culture of New Orleans is deep and wide, extending from acclaimed eateries on every visitor’s bucket list to convenience store delis for a simple, no fuss lunch. This weekend’s Oak Street Po-Boy Festival even functions as a high-profile showcase for where po-boys can go, with a wild range of one-day wonders on French bread.… Continue reading →