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Common Ground: Lesson planning for the future

Today is my final Common Ground column. Through this column, I have had the opportunity to share a plethora of experiences and snippets from my life and from those of others I have encountered. My columns were rarely planned; I just waited on life to happen. Whether it was taking my son on his first… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Old School Christmas vs. High Tech

Years ago, well before Xboxes, iPods and high-tech toys hit the scene, there were simple, old-fashioned board games, action figures, Barbie dolls and record players on most kids’ wish lists. I still remember begging my parents for a Superstar Barbie after she hit department store shelves in 1977. I wanted the doll so badly that… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Cruising ahead with mom’s help

Some of my most treasured moments with my mother were spent during long car rides to unfamiliar places where hills and mountains dotted the landscape, or during a brief hike through the Andes mountains in Peru or while sitting in a concert hall listening to a symphony perform “Star Wars” music. Reflecting on my friendship… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Snail mail still delivers the news

How often does anyone take the time these days to write a letter and mail it? Texting, emailing and social media have made it all too easy to get in touch with the press of a button. Some say letter writing has gone the way of the quill pen. But that’s not the case everywhere.… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Attacks not enough to cancel trip to France

The majority of students in Kayla Wolf’s French classes are growing up in the shadow of 9/11, global travel alerts, terrorism and last month’s attacks in France. Layla Jumonville, 15, a student in Wolf’s class, was born less than a year before the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001, and she is disturbed by… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Getting into the science of it all

Science fair experiments have turned my dining room into a mad scientist lab cluttered with my children’s papers, glue sticks, buzzers, tape, rotten apple slices and some gooey gelatin residue. During science fair week, hundreds of students are putting their hypotheses to the test with experiments. When it’s all over, we parents are just… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Magnet school making students more career-ready

Learning styles have changed dramatically since I graduated from Scotlandville Magnet High in 1987. Then, teachers were still using chalkboards and overhead projectors. We took tons of notes longhand and completed English term papers using the card catalogue at the local library, where most students hung out. But even then, during its early magnet… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Homecoming high school memories

My high school didn’t have organized sports, so I never got to experience the excitement and hooplah of pep rallies, homecoming parades and ball games. That all changed this year. I watched and attended a weeklong series of homecoming festivities at the Math, Science and Arts Academy-West campus in Plaquemine. There I was yelling “Throw me… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Hispanic contributions recognized

When students recognize the significance and importance of each of other’s culture, it can make a difference in the school environment. During national Hispanic Heritage Month, students at the Math, Science and Arts Academy East in St. Gabriel displayed Latin culture through song skits, dance, artwork, food and student-made projects. “We commemorated the… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Manship School to honor two at Legends Forum

As a young black LSU journalism student in the late 1960s and early ’70s, Jinx Coleman Broussard developed a thick skin against the racial prejudices she encountered in the classroom, on campus and even in Tiger Stadium. She refused to succumb to “the curses hurled at me and my girlfriends when we went to a football game,”… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Dance crazes keep us all on our toes

Can you do the “Whip” and the “Nae Nae”? If you can, then you’ve jumped on board with the latest dance craze. I took my first crack at it in my living room where my three children were performing it. Unfortunately, they laughed at my attempts. “That’s not the right way, Mommy,” my youngest daughter… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Survivors - 'Inspire and motivate'

Breast cancer survivors can be inspiring and uplifting. They can teach us how to confront the unexpected and to rely on faith to get through life-changing events. Many of the women who have faced the diagnosis wrestle with job disruptions and changes in their physical appearance. Daily schedules grow to include chemotherapy and radiation treatments… Continue reading →

Common ground: Critters on the move pay heaviest price

During my daily and sometimes nightly travels along rural highways and byways, I’ve encountered an unfortunate amount of roadkill lately. Possums, turtles, skunks and squirrels have not fared so well at the hands of motorists in their bid to make it across. On one particular evening drive home, I hit a large raccoon. The impact… Continue reading →

Common Ground: No joke, McGowan’s a Saints superfan

Advocate file photo by ELIOT KAMENITZ -- That evil smile. That cunning stare. That fleur de lis. Who could it be but Saints superfan Scott McGowan as his alter ego The Joker.

Superfan Scott McGowan is ready to fire up Saints crowds again this season in the Superdome. “People look for us in the stands,” said McGowan, who will dress as Batman’s archenemy, The Joker, for the Sept. 20 showdown between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Saints. His goal: “To strike fear in our opponents when… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Root, root, root for the home kid

Last August, I was a reluctant parent who did not want my 10-year-old son to play for his community football team. I was worried that his asthma might act up or that he might get hurt. Neither happened and my attitude has improved this year. Though I still worry about him, I support his eagerness to… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Being big helps bullied kid fit in

When the tall chiseled man with the purple/pink mohawk, tattoos and Looney Tunes belt buckle walked into my school’s front office, I wondered how far he really thought he might get beyond our secured lobby. Turns out, my first impression was overly judgmental. Roman Pizzolato, 34, of Plaquemine, simply wanted to give a motivational speech to… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Navigating the terrain of safety

With our 15th wedding anniversary approaching, I wondered what early gift my husband had planned to entertain us with this year. The answer came in the form of an ATV named Grizzly that he parked beside my minivan. “Are you ready to ride?” he asked. “Huh? What are we going to do with this?”… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Faith, family and big hearts

Odelia Lewis, 84, will never forget the April 27 storms that rolled through her rural neighborhood. Aunt Lu Lu, as my husband and his siblings affectionately call her, was sitting comfortably on the den sofa in her brick home in Rosedale that morning. Just before 9 a.m., the sky turned black and she heard… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Grateful for dad who was always there

Since kindergarten, I vividly remember waking up to the smells of buttered toast, eggs and crunchy bacon each morning after my father awakened me. He was the breakfast chef in my home, the motivator, the main disciplinarian and the one I leaned on through good and bad times. He made me believe in myself and… Continue reading →

Common Ground: On the right track to a nice day

There’s more to a track meet than meets the eye. I followed my children to the Betty Smothers K-Y Relays in May and got my first look at what is involved in an all-day meet. They are long, but seasoned track parents are some of the most prepared people you’ll ever meet at… Continue reading →

Common Ground: The stress before the relaxation

Packing, planning and executing a summer family vacation is not a part of the process that I look forward to. It is tiring and even stressful. One time I waited until the last minute to wash clothes, fold, pack my children’s suitcases, clean the house and load the van in the wee hours of the morning.… Continue reading →

Common Ground: How to stay young when you’re not

After talking with several seniors — they were between 86 and 94 years old — I realized that growing older is a journey that we can choose to face with optimism and opportunity. The folks I spoke with are not rocking-chair types. They are outgoing people who live for the moment, travel, dance and share… Continue reading →

Common Ground: A lesson on staying on school track

Royal Stewart, of Maringouin, will become the first student to graduate from the Iberville Parish Math, Science and Arts - North Virtual Academy on Friday, May 15.

Graduation day will mean much more than earning a diploma for 19-year-old Royal Stewart Jr., of Maringouin. Stewart is the first grandchild on the maternal side of his family to graduate from high school, and on Friday he will be the first student in Iberville Parish to graduate from the Math, Science and Arts — North Virtual… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Running away the negativity

Photo provided by CHANTE WARREN -- Getting ready for the Girls on the Run South Louisiana 5K on Saturday are members, from left, Alanis West, 11; Anyla Wilson,11; Imani Martin, 11, and Troylasia Louis 11.

When fourth- and fifth-grade girls in Kimberly Clopton’s class are feeling discouraged or maybe even a little upset, they head to the track. It was there, on the North Iberville Elementary School track in Rosedale, where I caught up with Clopton’s Girls on the Run members. Anyla Wilson, 11, told me how she learned… Continue reading →

Common Ground: L.A. to La. move just might work

Since my sister moved to California 10 years ago, it has been pretty tough convincing her to move back to Louisiana. While in Los Angeles, she landed a job working in her field, bought a home, married last fall and is now expecting a baby. Two weeks ago, she and her husband flew… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Tell your secretary ‘thank you’

Today’s the day to shower your secretary with sweets, flowers or a “thank you” card. April 22 is Secretary’s Day, and without secretaries — the most common job for women in America since the 1950s — offices would likely fall into disarray, administrative tasks would go undone and corporations, plants and businesses would become unorganized and inefficient.… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Life of public service rings true for Bell

Photo provided by SHANNON DOMINGUE -- State Beta Club president -- Iberville Math Science & Arts Academy East Junior DWayne Bell II was elected as Louisiana Senior Beta Club president on Jan. 16 in Lafayette.

At 17, D’Wayne Bell II has made academics and community service a priority at his high school, where he is honing his skills for public service and leadership. Since becoming president of the Louisiana Beta Club in January, the junior at Iberville Math, Science and Arts Academy-East in St. Gabriel is out to let teens know… Continue reading →