Napoleon celebrates ‘Landmarks and Legends’

Cheryl Loy, queen of Napoleon 2014
Cheryl Loy, queen of Napoleon 2014

The Corps de Napoleon marked their 34th anniversary and honored their royal court with a celebratory dinner recently at Arnaud’s Restaurant in the French Quarter.

The krewe has chosen to celebrate Carnival under the theme “Louisiana Landmarks and Legends” to pay homage to the state.

Reigning as Josephine XXXIV Cheryl Nitkin Loy, wife of Herbert Loy.

Napoleon XXXIV will be Joshua Morales, son of the late Ellen Morales.

Maids on the court, representing elements of the krewe’s theme, are Christina Bonner, “Blue Dog”; Brittany Badon, “Brunings”; Melissa Davis, “The Garden District”; Meagan Fontenot, “Pontchartrain Beach”; Allie Cox, “West End”; Barbie Peterson, “State Capital”; Brenda Wakeland, “Delta Queen”; Eve Austin, “Jazz Music”; and Alta Donnelly, “Morgus the Magnificent.”

The theme will also be celebrated when the krewe takes to the traditional Metairie route Sunday, March 2, at 5 p.m.