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Side Dish: Savor these cookbooks over holidays

Just in time for the fall holiday season come “Southern Holidays” by Debbie Moose and “Sweet Potatoes” by April McGregor, the latest additions to the University of North Carolina Press’ delightful “Savor the South” series of cookbooks that looks at the favorite foods and culinary traditions of the American South. Like the eight previous volumes in the planned 24-book… Continue reading →

Smiley: Saints’ divine moment

Patricia Alba, of Metairie, continues our discussion of sports announcers: “My favorite radio announcer is WWL’s Jim Henderson. “On one occasion in the ’90s when the Saints were trailing during the final moments they suddenly rallied with a spectacular play and won the game. “Jim, overcome with emotion, shouted, ‘There IS a God!’”… Continue reading →

Meet 2 New Orleans women who’ve cracked open the traditionally male-dominated field of oyster shucking

Advocate staff photo by J.T. BLATTY-- While many women shuck oysters, industry experts say it remains very rare to see women working behind oyster bars like Two Girls One Shuck.

The recent wedding of Steven Marlin and Mi Mary Conlon in the French Quarter came with many familiar rites of New Orleans celebration, from a post-ceremony second line to a round of French 75 cocktails to toast the newlyweds. There was an oyster bar at the reception, too, but here things went a little off-script.… Continue reading →

Steven Forster’s Party Central for Oct. 22, 2014

Photo provided by Steven Forster -- Steven Forster, Advocate New Orleans social columnist and photographer

Read columnist and photographer Steven Forster’s coverage of New Orleans’ social events at The New Orleans Advocate. Events featured in this edition: • Party Mixers: Abhi Bhansali turned his birthday to a good cause with a party dubbed the “Birthday Funkraiser.” Celebrated for the second year at his Uptown home,… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Southern Law Center to host event to highlight progress made in racial diversity

Civil rights lawyers have litigated for human rights through the decades, resulting in landmark decisions that have changed America for the better. There’s Brown vs. Board of Education, which 50 years ago made it unconstitutional to allow separate public schools for black and white students, and the Civil Rights Act of 1954, which outlawed discrimination based… Continue reading →

Smiley: Hamster hunting

Fay Weilbaecher, of Covington, says, “Many years ago, when our family moved to a new house in River Ridge, our hamster got loose and decided to go and live in our wall. “After trying everything we could, and not getting much sleep with him running through the walls all night, my husband came up with an idea… Continue reading →

Remembering the sights and sounds of Mid-City

If he thinks about it hard enough, Ronald Fisher can still remember how the best roast beef po-boy in the world smells. “First of all, it was the Creole mustard,” Fisher says, laughing about how he’d clutch the paper bag close to him during his walk home from the Triangle in Mid-City. “I would hold my nose… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: High profiles, high notes

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Loyola's Faith in the Future Campaign. The Rev. James Carter, SJ, Betsy Nalty

Three important events occurred within a several-days’ circle, thanks to the on-campus launch and reception of Loyola University’s Faith in the Future campaign, the biggest such campaign in the university’s history; the 15th Spirit of Charity Award dinner at the JW Marriott given by the Medical Center of Louisiana Foundation with Dr. Karen DeSalvo, Tulane, Internal Medicine,… Continue reading →

Smiley: Get smart, Louisiana

Paul Major says, “Perhaps, after the senatorial candidates’ lack of adherence to the time limits in last week’s televised debate, we should break out Maxwell Smart’s ‘Cone of Silence.’ “Watching a candidate’s lips move without hearing anything could maybe provide at least as much information as having the sound on.”… Continue reading →

Ziggy Marley’s reggae music follows family tradition

Photo by MALIA JAMES -- Ziggy Marley

When Ziggy Marley, son of reggae music’s brightest star, Bob Marley, performs onstage and writes songs that contain meaning and messages, he’s following family tradition. “Most of my family is musicians,” the Kingston, Jamaica, native said last week from his second home, California. “Going back to my grandmother and my grandfather, on both sides of my… Continue reading →

Smiley: Welcome to the Hot L

Janet Schilling says our mention of Hotel Dieu hospital “jogged her brain:” “I moved to New Orleans in the ’70s to work at Hotel Dieu and later attend nursing school. “I did not know much of New Orleans at that time except from trips as a child, mostly to the zoo.… Continue reading →

Mah-Jongg really about the socializing, but winning doesn’t hurt

Photo by Phil McCausland -- From left, Sylvia Emerman, Rosalyn N. Allison, Barbara Laufer and Shirley B. Goldman get together for a game of Mah Jongg. A tournament on Sunday, Oct. 19, will crown local champions in the game.

“Three crack!” “One dot!” “Four bam!” Four women stare down at bone-white game pieces in their hands. Plastic tiles clatter and clink in the center of the table. The players gaze over wooden racks with plastic arms that hold a double-decker set of even more tiles, stamped with images of Chinese characters and… Continue reading →

You have to start somewhere

A national holiday has come and gone with little or no notice from the public. The holiday was National Newspaper Carriers Day. I’ll go a step further — bet you didn’t know that there is a Carrier Hall of Fame! My first job was as a carrier for our hometown newspaper, the McAlester News Capital in… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: True colors

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Breastoration. Melvin Rodrigue, Kim Sport, Dr. Michele Cooper, Scott Sullivan.

Red and pink dominated two events, thanks to the Red Mass at St. Louis Cathedral that ushered in the legal year and was followed by a reception in the Great Hall of the Louisiana Supreme Court building, and, not far away (but on a different date), the preponderance of pink for “Galatoire’s Goes Pink” as… Continue reading →

Steven Forster’s Party Central for Oct. 19, 2014

Photo provided by Steven Forster -- Steven Forster, Advocate New Orleans social columnist and photographer

Read columnist and photographer Steven Forster’s coverage of New Orleans’ social events at The New Orleans Advocate. Events featured in this edition: • Pulling strings: Guests flocked to a fundraiser for the Mystic Krewe of Satyricon at the home of Chris Santilli and Brick Bishop recently, with guests of honor Tony award-winning… Continue reading →

New Orleans author leads readers on ‘The Last Great Walk’

Photo provided by Wayne Curtis --

Author Wayne Curtis takes a seat, facing me with his back to the tall windows of his Uptown home. I can see outside, where I note a steady stream of walkers on the street. Curtis has returned a few days earlier from his annual trip to Maine, where he spends four months “at the edge of nowhere”… Continue reading →

N.O. voices captured well in characters’ stories

'You Don't Know Me' by James Nolan

“You Don’t Know Me: New & Selected Stories” by James Nolan. University of Louisiana at Lafayette Press, 2014. $20. Anyone who is familiar with New Orleans knows it is home to a population that is soulful, proud, creative and often quirky, to say the least. No… Continue reading →

Take rhyme journey with ‘New Orleans Mother Goose’

New Orleans Mother Goose

“New Orleans Mother Goose” by Ryan Adam. Pelican Publishing, 2014. $17.99. Marita’s Gentry’s gorgeous illustrations make New Orleans jump off the pages in this fun take on various New Orleans themed-nursery rhymes. Ryan Adam takes readers on journeys throughout New Orleans and Louisiana with each rhyme… Continue reading →

Elegant outdoor spaces featured on Secret Garden tour

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Marlene and Dr. Bernard Jaffe found the urban lifestyle they were looking for in the Vieux Carre.

When surgeon Bernard Jaffe accepted a job at Tulane University 23 years ago, Marlene Jaffe sprang into action house hunting. But nothing she found had the urban feel she was looking for. “I went to see Bernie at work and told him we would have to pitch a tent on Canal Street if we didn’t… Continue reading →

Stock up on butterfly attractors at plant sale

Photo by R. Stephanie Bruno -- Bat face cuphea

If you want to attract butterflies to your garden, it can be as sim- ple as installing some of the flowering plants shown above. Why? Known as “nectar plants,” they serve as food sources for mature butterflies. All of… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Party paths

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Kenner Wine and Food event. Michelle and Mike Yenni.

Three recent rounds found hundreds of people flocking to the Kenner Wine & Food Event at the Chateau Golf and Country Club with offerings from generous purveyors to raise money for the Louisiana Hospitality Foundation; to Faulkner’s Birthday Party, a fundraiser salute to the famous writer by the Pirate’s Alley Faulkner Society and held at the… Continue reading →

Smiley: Flight with a hero

Dear Smiley: Reading in The Advocate about Murphy Neal Jones speaking at a Shriners’ banquet brought back memories of an incident shortly after he was freed from a Vietnamese prison in 1973. Neal, with his elementary school-aged son, came out to the old Downtown Airport hoping to go for a flight with his former instructor,… Continue reading →