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Mudbug Math: As peak crawfish season nears, supply and demand follow an annual rhythm

Photo provided by Paragon Casino Resortcrawfish

For crawfish lovers in south Louisiana, the arrival of Good Friday and Easter weekend is also the unofficial but highly-anticipated signal that the highpoint for mudbugs is upon us. And so, as crawfish lovers and crawfish suppliers ready themselves for the frenzy of activity to come, pricing and abundance is a centerpoint of conversation wherever crawfish are harvested,… Continue reading →

Steven Forster’s Party Central: Drafts for Crafts

Advocate photo by Steven Forster -- The National WWII Museum held the second annual Drafts for Crafts, a fundraising event presented by the Museums Young Benefactors  a group of young professionals whose mission is to support the restoration and preservation of important WWII artifacts. Proceeds from Drafts for Crafts will benefit their current project, the restoration of the Higgins boat PT-305. Drafts for Crafts featured an open bar, delicious food and exciting live entertainment by Sweet Crude and Mississippi Rail Company. Friday March 20, 2015. Kacey Hill, Michelle Moore

The National World War II Museum hosted the second annual Drafts for Crafts, a fundraiser presented by the museum’s Young Benefactors group. Proceeds from Drafts for Crafts will benefit restoration of the Higgins boat PT-305, which is the group’s current project. Drafts for Crafts featured an open bar, delicious food and live entertainment by Sweet… Continue reading →

Common Ground: Better living through couponing

While unloading my grocery items onto a checkout counter at the Plaquemine Wal-Mart last week, I watched the cashier scan a heap of coupons for the woman ahead of me. “You saved $107,” she told the shopper. The woman looked pleased with the amount shaved off of her original $450 bill. “I… Continue reading →

Smiley: Underneath, he’s a Tiger

Jim Carruth says back in 1987, when LSU’s head football coach, Bill Arnsparger, was leaving LSU to become athletic director at the University of Florida, “I asked my wife, Helen, to purchase some purple and gold silk and make some big LSU boxer shorts with ‘Tigers’ embossed on one side. “I composed a letter to… Continue reading →

Ralph Brennan to buy Napoleon House

Advocate Photo by VERONICA DOMINACH--  The historic Napoleon House on Chartres St. in New Orleans, La. Tuesday, March 31, 2015. After more than a century of ownership, the Impastato family will sell Napoleon House to restaurateur Ralph Brennan. Although it is an emotional time for the Impastato family, they believe the restaurant will be in the good hands with The Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group who owns popular New Orleans places such as Redfish Grill, Mr. BÕs and RalphÕs on the Park. Brennan assured the Impastato family that the exterior and interior layout of the restaurant will remain untouched.

After more than a century of ownership, the Impastato family will sell the Napoleon House to restaurateur Ralph Brennan, WWL-TV is reporting. The Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group owns the Redfish Grill, Mr. B’s and Ralph’s on the Park. It recently reopened the French Quarter landmark Brennan’s. Read the story fromContinue reading →

Like magic, doctor puts patients at ease

Advocate staff photo by JOHN McCUSKER -- Dr. Neil Baum, a local urologist, is a registered clown with the Barnum and Bailey Circus.  He's also  a magician.

The urologist starts his exam with the line: “Pick a card! Any card!” Or maybe he’ll present you with a set of interlocking rings and a challenge: “Separate them … any way you can.” Dr. Neil Baum is a popular Uptown physician whose hocus pocus can’t be found in medical books. “Let’s face it,”… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Mad Hatter’s luncheon; SweetArts 2015

Advocate staff photo by DANIEL ERATH -- Mad Hatters Opera. Jane Kahn, Faith Peperone

Two recent events stirred up creativity, thanks to the annual Mad Hatter’s luncheon and fashion show presented by the Women’s Guild of the New Orleans Opera Association at the Hilton Riverside, and, the later, SweetArts 2015, a CAC (Contemporary Arts Center) on-site fundraiser, which regaled attendees with the opening preview of “The Grand Parade.” Each was… Continue reading →

Smiley: Mom wouldn’t dye

Marsha Reichle says Sarah Stravinska’s story about being a busy mother and forgetting to boil the Easter eggs reminded her of this Easter egg tale: “As a working mother, with the usual harried holiday preparations I managed to get the eggs boiled, but decided sensibly to forgo the dyeing part. “I just got a marking pen and… Continue reading →

The Emperor of All Maladies: PBS, Ken Burns examine history of cancer research in new documentary

Rainbow/Science Faction/Corbis photo by DAN MCCOY -- In this scene from  A cancer researcher labels each protein in the radio nucleotide sequence of human genes to create a unique DNA profile.

For filmmaker Ken Burns, tackling the complete story of cancer was personal. “My mom died of cancer, breast cancer, when I was 11 years old, just a few months short of my 12th birthday,” Burns said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Tuesday. “There wasn’t a moment growing up that I wasn’t aware something was wrong with… Continue reading →

Zero calories might not equal no fat: Diet soda linked to weight gain in older people

A customer selects a Diet Pepsi from a cooler at Handi Foods in Walesboro, Ind., Monday, Dec. 20, 2004.  These days the carbonated drink battleground is diet vs. regular, and it's looking increasingly as though the lightweight could flatten its full-calorie cousin.  (AP Photo/Darron Cummings)       Keyword Food Health

Some recent studies question whether diet sodas sweetened with artificial sweeteners like NutraSweet and Splenda actually help keep off the weight. This month’s Journal of the American Geriatrics Society published research from a long-term study of hundreds of people 65 years old and up in San Antonio, some who drank diet soft drinks regularly. The… Continue reading →

Smiley: A renching experience

“I think I’ve got the ultimate ‘Yatism,’ says Charles Dunlap about the famed N’Awlins accent: “Back in the ’50s, not many people ate crawfish. They weren’t available in restaurants or by the sack, but my friend Tony’s family loved them. “His dad would send Tony and me to the spillway in the spring. “I remember one trip where… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Let’s hear it for the kids

Photo by Cheryl Gerber - Stuart Hall. Ashley Nolan Maguire, Cate Cummins Stag, Kristin Shannon, Kevin Avin

Three events made youngsters the festive focus. With Superior Energy Services as the Presenting Sponsor, Stuart Hall School for Boys staged “Speakeasy Knight,” its 31st annual auction, at the Lakefront Airport Terminal, while concurrently, Jewish Children’s Regional Service held its gala, “Jewish Roots of Music,” at the Hyatt Regency. Five days later, KIPP New Orleans Schools… Continue reading →

New Orleans area book events March 29 through April

ew Orleans area Book events “AFRO-VEGAN — FARM FRESH AFRICAN, CARIBBEAN AND SOUTHERN FLAVORS REMIXED”: 11 a.m., Bourbon House, 144 Bourbon St. Chef and food activist Bryant Terry and New York magazine food critic Adam Platt discuss Terry’s new book, with tastings — part of… Continue reading →

Well-researched book tells personal story of slavery

'Beyond Freedom's Reach' by Adam Rothman

“Beyond Freedom’s Reach: A Kidnapping in the Twilight of Slavery” by Adam Rothman. Harvard University Press, 2015. $29.95. Historians tend to view slavery in economic and social terms. Adam Rothman, associate professor of history at Georgetown University goes beyond the institution itself to tell the very… Continue reading →

Nell Nolan: Soul Revival, Toast for Coast, Cabrini

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Merrit Lane, Ransdell Prieur, Elly Lane, and William Prieur at the Soul Revival Party in New Orleans on Saturday, Mar. 7, 2015.

You can “judge” a bash by its title, and with three recent events, the bannered name promised substantive socializing. “Celebration of Life” was the Legacy Donor Foundation’s reason for purposeful revelry at the annual Soul Revival; “Toast for the Coast” was presented by the New Orleans Pelicans to benefit Coastal Restoration Initiatives; and “Night of… Continue reading →

Coleus, fountain grass join list of hardy super plants

Photo provided by LSU AgCenter -- Henna Coleus.

Every spring and fall since 2009, the LSU AgCenter has issued a list of what it calls “Super Plants” for Louisiana gardens, plants that have been tested by the AgCenter and proven to adjust well to our climate and conditions. The list of 30 past Super Plants includes well-known garden staples such as ShiShi Gashira camellia… Continue reading →

St. Charles property transfers, March 2 to March 6, 2015

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Eric V. Bergstrom III and Lynn Bettle Bergstrom sold this home at 43 East Woodlawn Drive in Destrehan to Jane Barnes Abell for $272,000.

St. Charles Transfers for MarCH 2 to MarCH 6 EAST WOODLAWN DRIVE 43: $272,000, Eric V. Bergstrom III and Lynn Bettle Bergstrom to Jane Barnes Abell. ORMOND COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES 2 SQUARE 15 LOT 604: $433,000, David Thomas and Susan Mathis Thomas to Guy Tyler Bourgeois and Tasha… Continue reading →

East Jefferson property transfers, March 4-11, 2015

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Theresa W. Huete sold this home at 1216 Trudeau Drive in Metairie to Sandip K. Roy and Sabita Barai Roy for $165,000.

EAST JEFFERSON Transfers for March 4 to March 11 BERKLEY AVE. 132: $220,000, OPS Investments LLC to Andrew T. Spaulding and Robin C. Spaulding. EAST AVE. 300: $100,500, Federal National Mortgage Association to Emily E. Dantin. ELMWOOD INDUSTRIAL PARK SUBDIVISION, PORTION OF GROUND: $400,300, Illinois Central Railroad Co.… Continue reading →

New Orleans property transfers, March 10-13, 2015

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Freddy Galindo sold this home at 2934 Banks St. in New Orleans' 1st District to Williams T. Adkins and Kimberly C. Adkins for $285,000.

NEW ORLEANS Transfers for MaRCH 10 TO MarCH 13 BANKS ST. 2722: $160,000, Denise Lewis, Pamela Lewis Ambrose, Carl Lewis, Shaun Lewis, Romero Lewis, Earl Tompson Jr, Lamont Thompson, Patricia Jynes, Gwendolyn Jynes, Lavell Jynes, Lenorise Jynes, Cleveland Jynes, Stevie Jynes, Shantell Jynes, Raymonell Jynes and… Continue reading →

St. John property transfers, March 9-13, 2015

Advocate staff photo by SHERRI MILLER -- Trencia Renea Knight sold this home at 22 Moss Court in LaPlace to Robert D. Ory, Jr., and Benjamin M. Ory for $83,000.

St. john the baptist TRANSFERS FOR MARCH 9 TO MARCH 13 GARDENIA AVE. 712: $52,000, Lauren A. Thurman Haislup to Yisheng Liu. CORTEZ STREET 406: $170,000, Landcraft, LLC to Yolanda M. Dennis and LaQuana Jone’e Dennis. CORTEZ STREET 401: $167,550, Landcraft, LLC to Tiesha Armant, wife of/and Tony… Continue reading →