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Review: A visionary sci-fi thriller is born in ‘Ex Machina’

Photo provided by A24 Films -- Domhnall Gleeson plays the sharp programmer in the new sci-fi thriller, 'Ex Machina.'

Cinema has always been fascinated by androids. From “Metropolis” to “Blade Runner,” the juxtaposition of humans next to their artificial form has provided endless hours of stories that can be as exhilarating as they are poignant. Tough moral questions about consciousness and humanity go down easier when hidden under the glossy sheen of genre, after all. With… Continue reading →

Review: ‘Adaline’ is both ludicrous and deeply moving

This image released by Lionsgate shows Blake Lively in a scene from "The Age of Adaline." (Diyah Pera/Lionsgate via AP)

Is it possible for a movie to be at once ludicrously silly and genuinely moving? That’s the strange question you might find yourself asking while watching “The Age of Adaline,” a romantic fantasy with surprising heft that will likely have you scoffing at one moment, then furtively wiping away a tear the next. It’ll also have you… Continue reading →

Review: Russell Crowe’s ‘Diviner’ a robust, assured war tale

This image released by Warner Bros. Pictures shows Russell Crowe in a scene from "The Water Diviner." (Mark Rogers/Warner Bros. Pictures via AP)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Making his directorial debut with the brawny and big-hearted Australian war drama “The Water Diviner,” Russell Crowe taps a deep well of symbolism, cultural empathy and good old-fashioned storytelling. Crowe, who also stars as a grieving father stoically bulldozing through Turkey in search of three sons missing in action after the World War I… Continue reading →

Filmmakers conference set during Jazzfest

Sync Up Cinema 2015, a film industry conference during Jazz Fest, will feature three days of screenings, panels and events focusing on the state’s industry, culture and music Monday through Wednesday. The free confab is a joint venture of the Jazz and Heritage Foundation and the New Orleans Film Society. All events will be in the George… Continue reading →

New Movies in New Orleans for April 23-29, 2015

Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures -- Dylan Georgiades and Russell Crowe in a scene from 'The Water Diviner.'

“THE AGE OF ADALINE”: Miraculously remaining 29 years old for almost eight decades, Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) has lived a solitary existence. She’s never allowed herself to become close to anyone who might reveal her secret. But then a chance encounter with charismatic philanthropist Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) reignites her passion for life and romance. Harrison… Continue reading →

’Furious 7’ outpaces ‘Paul Blart’

Photo courtesy Sony Pictures -- Kevin James returns as Paul Blart in ‘Paul Blart: Mall  Cop 2.’

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Even in its debut weekend, Kevin James’s “Paul Blart” sequel couldn’t outpace “Furious 7.” The reigning box office champion might have slowed from its blockbuster debut, but “Furious 7” maintained first place for the third weekend in a row with an estimated $29.1 million, according to box office tracker Rentrak on Sunday.… Continue reading →

Review: Disneynature documentary gives fascinating view of monkeys' behavior

Photo by MARTYN COLBECK -- A monkey is groomed amongst the ruins in 'Monkey Kingdom.'

In the ruins of an ancient city in the Sri Lankan jungle, a community of macaque monkeys goes about its organized, even ritualistic monkey business. And monkeys, like the most powerful humans on Earth, play politics. “Monkey Kingdom,” an immersive new Disneynature documentary, quickly establishes the troupe’s rules and pecking order. As in human society, there… Continue reading →

Review: Tom Hardy excels but ‘Child 44’ feels like 40 movies

Lionsgate photo by LARRY HORRICKS -- Tom Hardy appears in a scene from the film, 'Child 44.'

The best-selling novel “Child 44” by Tom Rob Smith runs well over 400 pages, and that’s, perhaps, the first hint as to why the movie based on it seems to veer in 40 different directions. It’s a political movie. It’s a war film. It’s a crime thriller. And suddenly, late in the proceedings, it becomes an action… Continue reading →

New Movies for April 16-22, 2015

Photo courtesy Sony Pictures -- Kevin James returns as Paul Blart in ‘Paul Blart: Mall  Cop 2.’

“PAUL BLART: MALL COP 2”: After six years of keeping malls safe, Paul Blart (Kevin James) takes a much-deserved vacation. He travels to Las Vegas with his teenage daughter before she leaves home for college. But safety doesn’t take holidays. When duty calls, Blart responds. “UNFRIENDED”: In this teen-centered horror flick, an unknown… Continue reading →

British director Rupert Goold tells ‘True Story’

Photo by MARY CYBULSKI -- Jonah Hill, director Rupert Goold and James Franco work on the set of 'True Story.'

In “True Story,” Michael Finkel, a star reporter at The New York Times, loses his job after he fictionalizes a story about modern-day slavery in Africa. Reeling from his swift dismissal, Finkel learns that an accused murderer, Christian Longo, assumed the reporter’s identity prior to being apprehended. Later, the ex-reporter and imprisoned alleged murderer agree… Continue reading →

’Furious 7’ keeps speed, tops box office with $60.6 million

This photo provided by Universal Pictures shows, from left, Tyrese Gibson as Roman, Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Paul Walker as Brian, and Chris Ludacris as Tej, in a scene from "Furious 7."  (AP Photo/Universal Pictures, Scott Garfield)

NEW YORK — The high-octane thriller “Furious 7” maintained speed in its second week, racing away with $60.6 million at North American theaters and bringing its box-office total to a robust $252.5 million, according to studio estimates Sunday. Universal’s “Furious 7” more than lapped the competition. The only new wide release of the weekend, the rodeo… Continue reading →

‘The Last Five Years’ worth the 90 minutes invested in this swiftly moving, set-to-music anatomy of a marriage

Photo courtesy of Radius -- Jeremy Jordan, left, and Anna Kendrick star in the movie musical 'The Last Five Years.'

“The Last Five Years” sings the love story of Jamie Wallerstein, a promising young novelist in New York City, and Cathy Hiatt, an aspiring actress. Adapted from Jason Robert Brown’s stage musical, the movie’s scenes are almost exclusively sung by its principal characters. The high-concept storytelling in “The Last Five Years” doesn’t stop with the singing.… Continue reading →

Review: ‘Woman in Gold’ a remarkable story lifelessly told

Photo provided by The Weinstein Company -- From left, Ryan Reynolds, Helen Mirren and Daniel Bruhl share a scene in the film, 'Woman in Gold,' opening Friday.

“Woman in Gold” has a rich story to tell. The true account of Maria Altmann’s fight to reclaim a famed Gustav Klimt painting of her aunt, “Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I,” first stolen by the Nazis and then appropriated by Austria after the war, is laced with riveting history, deep and complex emotion, and fascinating bureaucracy. Yet… Continue reading →

Pixar gets emotional with film 5½ years in the making

This photo provided by Disney-Pixar shows a progression image from the animated film, "Inside Out." For animation and simulation - when layout is complete, the primary and secondary characters are animated and brought to life by the Animation department.  Animators create the personality and "acting" of the characters.  The secondary motion of the hair and garments is added by the Simulation department and this simulation allows the hair and garments to move naturally to complement the acting.  (AP Photo/Copyright Disney-Pixar)

Fear, anger, disgust, sadness and joy have taken over Pixar headquarters, and things are going great. The Oscar-winning animation studio is celebrating the completion of “Inside Out,” a film that features each of those emotions as personified characters controlling operations inside a little girl’s head. Sculptures,… Continue reading →

Movies opening in New Orleans April 9-16, 2015

Photo by Hopper Stone -- Al Pacino stars in the 'kind of based on a true story ... a little bit' feature film, 'Danny Collins.'

“DANNY COLLINS”: Al Pacino plays a 1970s music star (Danny Collins) who hasn’t given up his rocker ways. After his manager (Christopher Plummer) discovers an undelivered letter from John Lennon to his client, Collins launches his second act. Showing at AMC Elmwood Palace 20. “THE LONGEST RIDE”: Based on the best-selling novel… Continue reading →

Box office: ’Furious 7’ races to $143.6 million

This photo provided by Universal Pictures shows, from left, Tyrese Gibson as Roman, Michelle Rodriguez as Letty, Paul Walker as Brian, and Chris Ludacris as Tej, in a scene from "Furious 7."  (AP Photo/Universal Pictures, Scott Garfield)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — The high-octane “Furious 7” peeled out of the gates in its opening weekend, picking up a stunning $143.6 million from 4,004 locations to easily top the domestic box office, according to Rentrak estimates Sunday. The expectation-shattering sum is a studio and franchise best for the homegrown car-obsessed series, which has continued to grow… Continue reading →

Lots of over-the-top action -- in a good way -- in 'Furious 7' starring Vin Vin Diesel, Paul Walker

Photo provided by Universal Pictures -- Paul Walker plays Brian in a scene from 'Furious 7.'

There’s no false advertising in the title of “Furious 7.” Movie No. 7 in the “Fast & Furious” franchise is fabulously stacked with all kinds of furiously over the top, in a good way, action. There’s something else at work, too, in “Furious 7.” In the moments between and after the new film’s frequent car… Continue reading →

New movies in New Orleans, week of April 2, 2015

Photo by SCOTT GARFIELD – Left to right, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Walker and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges in “Furious 7.”

“FURIOUS 7”: The hit “Fast & Furious” franchise continues despite the real-life death of cast member Paul Walker in a Nov. 30, 2013, crash in Santa Clarita, California. Also returning are Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson and Chris “Ludacris” Bridges. International cast members include Jason Statham, Djimon Hounsou and Kurt Russell.… Continue reading →

Review: ‘Get Hard’ plays with stereotypes with mixed success

In this image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Kevin Hart, right, and Will Ferrell appear in a scene from "Get Hard." (AP Photo/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., Patti Perret)

While the stereotypes in “Get Hard” may be gross exaggerations, its characters live in the real world: A place where the chasm between rich and poor is vast and growing; where black men are disproportionately jailed and white-collar criminals often evade punishment. In this New Orleans-filmed comedy from first-time director Etan Cohen, James (Will Ferrell)… Continue reading →

'The Wrecking Crew': Session players behind music history take spotlight in documentary

Photo provided by Magnolia Pictures -- Drummer and New Orleans native Earl Palmer moved to Los Angeles and became an in-demand session musician there.

The behind-the-scenes studio musicians who helped shape the sound of Motown finally got their due in the 2002 documentary “Standing in the Shadows of Motown.” Backup singers to the stars received their long-time-coming acknowledgement in 2013’s Oscar-winning “20 Feet from Stardom.” “The Wrecking Crew,” a music documentary, turns the spotlight on West Coast session musicians… Continue reading →

Review: Alien adventure ‘Home’ lands with a thud

Photo provided by DreamWorks Animation -- Characters Lucy, voiced by Jennifer Lopez, left, and Tip, voiced by Rihanna appear in a scene from the animated film 'Home.'

In “Home,” the latest adventure from DreamWorks Animation, the misfit alien protagonist is called Oh (“The Big Bang Theory’s” Jim Parsons), simply because that’s the resigned reaction everyone has when he’s around. “Oh,” his brethren say with deep indifference at his desperate, over-the-top attempts to fit in and make friends. It’s meant to turn into something positive… Continue reading →

New movies for the week of March 26, 2015

Photo by PATTI PERRET -- Kevin Hart, left, and Will Ferrell star in the new comedy 'Get Hard,' opening Friday.

“GET HARD”: Convicted of fraud, hedge-fund manager James (Will Ferrell) gets sentenced to San Quentin. A judge, however, gives James 30 days to get his affairs in order. To prep for prison life, James turns to Darnell (Kevin Hart) for advice. “HOME”: In this computer-animated feature, Oh, a lovable misfit from another… Continue reading →

Review: ‘Red Army’ more than a sports story

Photo courtesy of Viacheslav  'Slava' Fetisov/Sony Pictures Classics -- Left to right, Alex Kasatanov, Viktor Tikhonov, Vladislav Tretiak, Igor Larionov and Viacheslav 'Slava' Fetisov

In the former Soviet Union, the Red Army hockey team fueled national pride and propaganda. “Red Army,” a fascinating documentary that centers primarily upon Viachaslav “Slava” Fetisov, the Soviet Olympic gold-winning team’s captain, is dramatic, amusing and tragic. More than a sports story, “Red Army” explains Soviet culture and history. Freedom and creativity,… Continue reading →

Review: ‘Insurgent’ could use more divergence

Photo by Andrew Cooper -- From left, Theo James, Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley share a scene in 'The Divergent Series: Insurgent.'

Given that conformity is the scourge of the “Divergent” series and much of its young-adult ilk, it’s a shame that the films, including the new “Insurgent,” do so little to stray from well-worn YA paths. For a series that waves the banner of individualism, they make a poor case for it. Instead of throbbing with a teenage… Continue reading →

Review: Penn flexes action-hero muscles in ‘Gunman’

Open Road Films photo by EKITH BERNSTEIN -- Sean Penn stars as mercenary Jim Terrier in 'The Gunman.'

At one point in “The Gunman,” the new Sean Penn geopolitical thriller, our star goes surfing. It’s supposed to show he has a reckless side, since he’s surfing in unsafe territory, but it seems to have a larger, much more obvious purpose: To show us that Penn, at 54, is ripped. Very, very ripped. It’s no… Continue reading →